I didn’t realise this game had so much ambient sound, and it’s actually really nice

fallout 5 - I didn't realise this game had so much ambient sound, and it's actually really nice

I'm HoH in my right ear, and my left ear isn't the best either.

I can hear when people talk to me (if they aren't far away), and I never really notice background noises. Because of that, I usually don't bother with gaming audio unless it's voice audio. I also always have subtitles on and rely on the environment/vibrations to let me know what's going on. If friends want to talk, we usually do it over discord so I can put it on loud speaker and I can hear them properly. If someone wants to talk in game, whether a friend or a random, I usually always decline and message them an apology saying that I'm HoH. So I'm not sitting in silence, I sometimes (mostly) just put my own music on high volume, which also blocks out some louder in game sounds.

In this game, I can hear NPCs (robots and some creatures, voice tapes, and soon people). Nothing else really stands out to me.

Recently, one of my friends mentioned that I should get a gaming headset. I didn't see the point, but she said that there are some where you can control the volume, so it can be really loud and I might be able to hear other things that are going on in the game. So I was like, it's worth a shot. If they don't work, I'll just return them. No worries.

Well, they arrived today, and it's safe to say that they have changed the way I game. I've been playing Fallout 76 since release, and I've been playing other Fallout games for years, and I've never heard some of the sounds. However, I can hear in game music (main menu and radios), because they're pretty loud in general.


During the loading screen, there's like elevator music? Since when? It sounds so cool. Generators make a weird buzzing around, and there's a small screech when you take stuff out of the collectron. Walking on grass sounds like you're walking on grass, and it changes when the surface changes? Holy crap! I knew it was a thing, but I've never noticed it myself. Water purifiers make a bubbling noise. There's wind chimes when you go near buildings, and the old buildings creak! It's also windy on top of lookout towers, and birds whistle around the forest (I haven't left that area yet). There's also a quiet violin when I don't have the radio turned on. It scared me when I turned on my decontamination arch too, and the pipboy makes a noise when you turn the light on. I was walking through the river next to Flatwoods, and the Brahmin walking and breathing gave me a heartattack. It's wild! I'm loving it all. I could go on all day.

It's all amazing, and it's reaffirmed my love for fallout. There's a lot of detail in these games, and I never even knew they existed or the affect they'd have.

I was going to post this on r/fallout but I've noticed they're kinda toxic to FO76 players. So I figured I'd just share my discovery with all of you.

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