I don’t know what all the hate’s for but Fallout 76 is amazing

fallout 2 - I don't know what all the hate's for but Fallout 76 is amazing

First, the lack of human NPC's doesn't make the game feel lonely at all. I believe Bethesda's intention for this was that players would take over the roles and factions left over, and that's nothing short of brilliant. In games like Fallout New Vegas the player would roam around and find many NPCs but it never felt that you could ever really settle down and join a faction. In fact, throughout the game you are never able to join the ranks of any organization. Fallout 76 allows for players to not only join the leftover frames from factions, but also create their own. The settlement system compliments this beautifully as factions can band together to create outposts and things of the sort. People will create their own institutions and their own worlds. The game isn't lonely at all- I was alone for most of the BETA (thus far) and the music alone was enough to keep me company, but the sprawling, detailed, beautiful world kept me in. It was only when I forced myself to go to an event away from the story I was following that I ever noticed other players. I did an event at Mama Dolce's with other players and it was akin to the great Fallout 4 experience of settlers joining you in a fight against enemies raiding the settlement, except this time it was other, intelligent, dynamic players. We were able to organize our forces and properly assign roles that resulted in a great victory. Also, the claim that there are no companions is false- other players are your companions, and this time they don't get stuck in doorways.


Second, the world is absolutely beautiful. Just today I came across Mount Blair and the enormous coal excavator sitting on top of it. On my way up I was taking damage from the flames erupting from the burning coal beneath me and being in the way of toxic coal dust, but that penalty was in and of itself a reward. Through Bethesda's subtle world building I hypothesized that the coal underneath the ground had been ignited, and it turned out I was right. Not only was my assumption correct, but you can actually explore those flaming tunnels infested with the frenzied pre-war miners. When I got to the top I found a settlement for the taking, aptly taken over by Mole Miners and robotic security systems. The huge excavator caught my attention and I died from a shotgun blast, but the view was definitely worth it. Being a huge fan of the Brotherhood (Ad Victoriam!), I made my way all the way across the map to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and spent hours fighting my way through. Not only was the creepy setting amazing, but when the music came off I could hear footsteps that sounded as if they were right behind me, but there was nothing there. In New Haven Church in the Mire a party member and I encountered a Wendigo, but when we got to the main chamber organ music was playing, even though there was a giant crater right in the middle of the floor and the organ was completely obliterated. Experiences like these make you experience the wonders of discovery and atmosphere without having anything directly told to you by an NPC. The lack of interfering opinions and commentating actually let me experience the amazing atmosphere in the Fallout games that I had never even taken the time to notice before, and with a map 4 times the size of Fallout 4's I'm sure they'll be no shortage of interesting locations. The graphics themselves are beautiful as well. With West Virginia mostly untouched by the bombs and all previous residents dead we are truly able to see how civilization crumbles without humanity to hold up its infrastructure- coal mines alight, humongous monorail systems tumbling down onto the ground below, and much more left to be discovered through all of our playthroughs. We are able to see trees and mutated plants on scales we have never before experienced in the Fallout games, making the world feel more flushed out. Not only are you able to experience these environments, but you are allowed to change them and add to them with the wonderful addition of the C.A.M.P. The C.A.M.P. multiplies the classic Fallout experience of wandering across a strange and lonely location countless times as each location has an individual player spin on it and can act as anything they wish, at any time they wish. When I walked into the Ash Heap for the first time (this is the only time I remember seeing this) a notification popped up telling me that it was "Verdant Season", which was not only beautiful, might I add, but also indicated that seasons will change. This brings me to my next topic, I do believe the world will be extremely dynamic and change. Akin to seasons in Fortnite (shame on me), I believe that when enough time passes things like the Scorched Plague will be cured and a new, bigger threat will be introduced to Appalachia, ensuring that the players have absolutely no chance of getting bored of the already humongous and detailed world.

I've seen many people on this subreddit and in the comments of many posts on varying platforms complaining about a game they've never even played and saying they've canceled their pre orders and things of the sort, but to those with an open mind let an average person like me tell you that you will not be disappointed with this game, in fact, it's better than you could ever imagine. To those who actually have canceled their pre orders and followed through with what are so many other people's empty threats, let me say that I'm sorry, because you are missing out on what could be one of the best gaming experiences of your lifetime.

TLDR: Fallout 76 is great

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