I don’t play online games, or (How I learned to stop worrying, and love my microphone

fallout 8 - I don't play online games, or (How I learned to stop worrying, and love my microphone

I don't like online games. Most of the games that I've tried to play I have had incredibly negative experiences with the player base. I'm a long time gamer about to turn 40 next month, my first experience with Bethesda was with Oblivion. Stepping out of the Imperial city sewer and realizing that I could go anywhere, in any direction, do anything I wanted was almost a spiritual experience for me.

Ever since then, I have been hooked. I purchased multiple copies of Oblivion collector's edition just to get the septims, I have purchased every Bethesda game including wet(look it up, it… wasn't great), rage and other games I had no interest in just to support my favorite developer.

I have spent more money with Bethesda than almost anything else in my life except for my car and house LOL. So when Fallout 76 was announced I was skeptical especially after the #saveplayer1 campaign spearheaded by Bethesda and brought to life in an awesome faux infomercial helmed by the incomparable Lynda Carter :

But as a dutiful fan I promptly pre-ordered the power armor Edition ( I didn't care about the nylon bag, they gave me a bunch of little action figures including a miniature scorchbeast that my children play with LOL I love it) and started playing from the beta. I even talked my best friend, and another buddy into playing it with me. I went so far as to buy 76 when it was on sale for another person just to have people to play with.

I've been with all of you through the ups and downs terrible bugs, game-breaking SBQ missions. Crash to desktop right as you're about to finish a quest or complete an event. My camp that couldn't be placed anywhere losing hours of work building something only to have it disappear the next time I logged on.

But slowly and surely Bethesda and battlecry Studio have been fixing the problems. The Fasnacht event was revelation! And although the Sheepsquatch has been disappointing and buggy, I've been enjoying the game again after a small hiatus.

Which leads me to the point of my post.


I have been hunting for the plans for the ultracite Gatling laser in the cranberry bog for several days. With no luck. So I turned to Reddit to find someone who'll be willing to make me one, or sell me the plans for caps. I found a person willing to do so: Toxic_Razz he met up with me in the game later, and in return for the materials to craft and a small amount of caps ( like a ridiculously small amount) he got me a high-end ultracite Gatling he was level 236 I'm only level 150. And ultimately gave me some serums and a whole bunch of other items for free.

Later he walked me around the TNT domes opening them for me, so that I could get the Nuka Cola Quantum paint, and the Nuka Cola t51b paint!

I was overwhelmed by his generosity! Later that day I was running around Flatwoods when I ran into a level 30 player. Thinking about the incredible experience I had with I decided to use my new single microphone and say hi. Up until this point all my interactions have been through emoticons but the new headset allowed me to talk to this person.

He had a small wooden Shack in the middle of one of the roads a couple of lower end generators and not much else. I offered to help him upgrade his Camp built all new steel walls dropped the fusion generator in and handcrafted him a set of prototype xo1 armor.

He went quiet for a while, then came back on and said "I always try to do nice things for people in real life, I never imagined someone would do something nice for me like this thank you so much!"

This game although a buggy mess at times, has brought me something that I'll never forget as a gaming experience, the ability to reach out to people, help and be helped.

It's something that is truly special about the Fallout 76 community, and I'm proud of what the community has done, and I'm grateful to Bethesda for Having the courage to try something even if it didn't work exactly as intended!

TL;DR 76 has brought a new gaming experience into my life, love the community and love helping others!

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