I don’t understand the criticism towards future Bethesda games, based on 76 reception

fallout 5 - I don't understand the criticism towards future Bethesda games, based on 76 reception

For a disclaimer, I am a life long Beth fan thanks to Fallout 3, even then i avoided 76, cause i knew exactly what it was. Some shoddy attempt at seeing what Fallout 4 would've been like with MP features (and no NPC, story e.t.c), it was a pet project at best.

But even then i get the criticism levied at that game and even more towards Beth's handling of that criticism and general PR, with real life purchases, special editions and what not.

But what I don't understand is why people are letting Beth's MP games effect their opinion on Beth's SP games and the titles they have in line (Starfield, TESVI, Fallout V). I think a lot of people are aware of Beth's other online game, TESO, which is like the 'what if this was online' version of Skyrim, but that hasn't really effected Beth's SP experience, nor has it effected the public's opinion of Beth's capability of creating SP games, I know people were crazy hyped at Beth's e3 conference prior to 76, towards TESVI, Blade (I am still waiting for Blade) and onwards. And my personal opinion of TESO is that it's mediocre af.

So why has that changed all of a sudden? Is it that you don't trust Beth due to their PR handling of 76 matters? That's a fair criticism, I too hope Beth learns something from this experience and doesn't try to handle future real life transactions so poorly, especially when it comes to SP games. But as for the quality of SP games, I have never been dissapointed by Beth. It's not like Bioware, where they boggled DA2, ME3 and Andromeda (Andromeda I avoided like the plague) and now they tried to scrounge up whatever reputation they can through Anthem, which admittedly failed hilariously and now I have no faith in either SP or MP games from Bioware.


But Beth's SP record is Fallout 4, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and all the preceding TES, that some people would claim were Beth's peak quality games. For me Fallout 3 was a masterpiece and Skyrim, deserves the recognition it gets, its masterful execution of quantity of quality, while the latter is more important, but if you go all in with quantity, like jam pack the shit out of a game with things to do and something new to learn and then add some more, it just makes it worth it. While some may argue Fallout 4 was a 'weaker' RPG compared to its preceding titles, as an individual game with no comparison to its predecessors, it was a great game (I thought it was a great game in comparison to its predecessors, just different, but i digress).

So we know Beth has the capability to pump out quality SP games, why should that notion change now due to the reception their MP games have received? If you want a SP focused company like Beth to excel on MP, than you have your priorities mixed up. We have enough plagues in this world (cough*Fortnite*cough) and their creators doing whatever they can to appeal to the mass market, that we don't need Beth to be excelling in that category as well. Could you imagine if Fallout 76 was a success, that would've been an even worse outcome than our current one, the last thing we need is more SP focused devs converting to the MP market. Look at what happened to Rockstar!!!

Hopefully this shows Beth that they should stick to what they are best at, SP games and publishing SP games, like DOOM, NV, Wolfenstien, Dishonored, Evil Within, RAGE e.t.c and let the other more interested companies pump out MP games for the masses.

It's a damn shame if Beth's SP games and the SP games they publish, have their reputation tarnished due to the fans viewing them through the quality of their MP games.

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