I don’t use the Purveyor for my own items, but for other player’s items, who in turn have my items.

fallout 3 - I don't use the Purveyor for my own items, but for other player's items, who in turn have my items.

Someone else posted in here about suggesting to let the Grind go, and just enjoy the game. They had some good points and I too never really bothered with most of the grinding and just wander around exploring, helping players defend their workshops, follow others around and lend a hand or make things interesting. Often I'll Batman lower levels and stealth behind and only help when they look like they're in trouble.

But I wanted to focus on something specific:

There's been a lot of discussions recently about legendaries, the statistics of getting an item you need from the Purveyor, how you need to grind so much against the capped scrip and gold limits per day and such. I get it. The current system sucks and needs improvement in many ways. No arguments here. I personally think we should be able to use modules on all items we can craft and know the plans for, otherwise, all those plans we learned are useless past level 50, since everybody is after Legendaries at that point.

But I digress….

With the RNG of legendary armour and weapons from Mgergurgermurmy, I don't stress at all. Why?

Because I take all my found 1 and 2 stars, scrip them over time and randomly get some 3 star items. I don't expect to get anything I want, but those 3 stars might be something another player has been hunting for, and I toss them in my vendors. I never waste my time and space with 1 and 2 stars.

1500 caps for all 3 star weapons and 750 caps for all 3 star Armours. I don't waste time looking up how rare something is or how much to sell. If they're what you've been looking for or at least an improvement on what you currently have, I think those are fair prices considering the alternative of random drops from Miggymurmur. I get caps, you get what you need, and I in turn spend those caps on other players vendors for anything I need or want to improve my character.


I'm not after maximum profit. I want to help you have a better chance of getting what you're after.

I got all the great Armours and weapons I currently use from vendor hopping. It took some time but it was quicker and easier than grinding for the 0.01% drop of getting what you want.

I'm pretty sure I have my end game weapons, and I got them from other player's vendors.

I'm still fine tuning my armour, but I'm mostly happy with what I got now.

Selling my 3 stars, I regularly have someone scooping them up. I have plenty of caps to fast Travel and once every few days, I'll do a run around just to shop and see what's out there.

And I had some really rare and awesome items I know we're in demand, but weren't suited for my build.

Until they fix the RNG to be a bit better than it is, don't approach the Purveyor as some unfair lottery machine. Look at her as your Vendor Stocker for the Community Market, increasing everybody's chances against the RNG.


Don't scrip those 3 stars, unless they're really crap of course. Don't go to the Purveyor with any expectations you'll ever get what you're after, but look at those drops as something others really want. The more you do this, the better the odds we'll come across vendors selling exactly what we're after.

Its not a perfect solution, but I find it's a less stressful approach and is more community driven.

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