I don’t want to play with haters.

fallout 3 - I don't want to play with haters.

So… I've been thinking about the the drama unfolding over Fallout 76. Especially in regards to the players overtly criticle about pvp, and multiplayer. After contemplating on how other players will impact my own playing experience for good and bad, I have come to one conclusion…

Let them hate.

Let those who are angered that the game isn't a true multiplayer experience where you can gain rewards for killing other players. Let those who complain on how it's not the fallout that it's supposed to be. For those who think 76 is just a mod to fallout 4 and that it's a money grab. Let them complain.

Because here's the truth as far as I'm concerned…


I don't want to play around people that don't understand what fallout 76 is. I want to be surrounded by as many gamers in fo 76 that truly understand the point of this iteration, those who will cooperate and share the same enthusiasm for the experience. Why encourage those who want fallout to play like a battle royal, to come join in.

Games don't need to cater to what's "hot", or to every playstyle of your preference. Games need to be developed in a way that has a focus, a specific flavor that will find its own audience, one that is looking for that specific type of gameplay experience.

So, let them complain, and hate. Don't try to convince people it's for them, let them figure it out if they are truly interested they can see for themselves.

My thoughts not yours


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