I explored 6/6 of Fallout 76’s regions, here’s what I found

fallout 7 - I explored 6/6 of Fallout 76's regions, here's what I found

I will go over one by one, and give my general impressions at the end.

The Forest

When Vendortron
and left my session to expire.

So now, a few notes. Also, I'm sorry for any grammatical errors/odd wording choices/pacing disparities. It is quite late here and I just want to vent out my experience with the game.

  • Caps, meds and ammo are insane to find in this game. You only find them in places that make sense, such as pharmacies, military stations and such. I like this, encourages crafting and player-to-player trading.

  • The Scorched aren't limited to people. Every single creature in the game can be scorched, and they all seem to cooperate together even if they would fight one another in normal conditions.

  • I found the survival mechanics to be a side activity rather than the focus. Eating once and drinking twice a day keeps you okay, and you can find food and water rather easily.

  • The map is really huge. Don't take my tour as an indication that you can see everything in four hours. You can't, and you shouldn't. I literally completed zero quests and just ran everywhere avoiding enemies along the way. Speaking of the map, it is pretty dense, despite what Bethesda said. Marked locations are a little afar from one another, but there are a ton of unmarked locations that are also really well made. It's easily the best map Bethesda has produced yet for either Fallout or Elder Scrolls. They clearly have better technology and experienced map designers.

  • Item condition isn't too bad, I never had anything break on me and I just repaired my rifle once.

  • DLC enemies from Fallout 4 are used as mid/high level enemies, and most of them have new variants (like the one I mentioned, Scorched).

  • Diseases are far more a problem than needs are. You get diseased from sleeping on a mattress at floor level, drinking dirty water, eating raw foods, stepping on a decayed corpse, walking through toxic air, etc. It's hardcore stuff, and antibiotics are hard to come by.

  • I don't know what they did, but the framerate is a lot better than on the stress test. I noticed that some ground textures were reduced in quality, but not too much. Perhaps that was it? I still noticed drops, but it was far more playable and even a step up from Fallout 4's launch framerate issues.

  • There are some audio issues. The most prominent one I found was enemies not announcing themselves with their growls/noises and just silently attacking you. I only noticed this with some feral ghouls and all mole rats.

Overall, I had a great time. 7/6.

High resolution versions of all the pictures can be found here.


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