I feel like this game has an endgame content problem

fallout 6 - I feel like this game has an endgame content problem

Since I got to level 50, I started taking note of what people did for "endgame" in this game. What I found was the following.

  1. Plan Acquisition
  2. Legendary Acquisition
  3. Building extensive/detailed CAMPs (least popular of them)

After playing for awhile (got to about level 85) I realized that how players achieve this is often…poor player behavior. Let me talk about a few of the things I've noticed.

  1. Not "playing" the events. They don't care about completing or doing the objectives of the events. Rather, they only care about the loot. Especially legendary spawns. There's been a few events where the objectives are ignored by a vast majority of the people there as they wait for a legendary to spawn.
  2. Getting Bored/Afking. I especially see this in bullet sponge fights. Like the Queen. Usually if the queen isn't dying fast enough, people start to get bored. The ammo and repair costs start not becoming wroth the fight. So they start afking/not really paying attention. Waiting for a one trick wonder to come around and do massive damage/most of the work. And I don't really blame them either. Some of these fights where the enemies have huge amounts of health are boring as hell. Paradise for example. Just me and another dude who was level 300. Alpha boss one shots myself (even though I'm not a bloodied user, in fully legendary items). The other guy dies in about 1-3 hits. But the boss took 200 .45 rounds from my weapon. After about 80 it starts to become a grind. And I get one 3 start legendary that doesn't have anything I need. To add to the queue of items I need to scrap at the rotation
  3. Legendary farms. They skip whole instances, run to the legendary location, kill it, then run off.
  4. Water farms. Just farmin some water to get that 1400 cap daily limit.

I think the issue mainly falls into two categories. Cost vs Reward and Reward Structure

  1. Cost vs Reward – There's so many times playing in a location isn't worth the ammo and repair. Its no surprise to me how many endgame areas are often devoid of players. In every server I join, I find that most players (who aren't just hanging out in a CAMP) are often in the forest or savage divide. Watoga always seems to be the least played area (unless a queen is up), followed by the mire, then by ash heap. The reason is often because killing something in these locations takes significantly longer, is harder; but the rewards aren't significantly better.
  2. Reward Structure – the main reward structure is centered around monster drops. As a result, if an event isn't designed to reflect this…then it isn't going to be played right.

I think what the developers need to do is really take a look at Guild Wars 2. These are all issues that Gw2 faced upon release. But right now the carrot is not in a good place for Fo76. I don't think it will be a huge issue because there's a good amount of people who enjoy just roaming around. However, if this game ever wants to introduce "serious" content (like the vault, which has been cited as having carrot issues), then we need to start focusing on this issue.

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