I figured out why we can’t have ice cold drinks and how to fix it, so we can

fallout 6 - I figured out why we can’t have ice cold drinks and how to fix it, so we can

I run a bar in my camp and I would like to serve cold drinks it would add an extra bit of role play. I’m sure many of you thought that the fridge/cooler/“functional” nuka-cola machine would give us cold drinks like in Fallout 4

I’ve given it some thought and have some theories why they haven’t done this yet (it’s probably just there very busy with wastelanders and bug fixing) here are problems and their solutions

The ideal version of this would be: place drink in cooler, item becomes ice cold after a while. Maybe it “spoils” back into a regular version of the drink after a while.

but this is way too complicated with the current engine, you would need to re-design how the drinks work from scratch, add some type of reverse spoilage rate to every beverage, and have them return to their original after some time, add the fermentation with crafted alcohol and it gets more complicated. The Cooler from the Atom shop was designed to slow spoil, something that already existed in game, drinks don’t have spoilage attached so it would have been a lot of work for a atomic shop item. (this also would probably result in bugs, if I had to guess, probably duping, lots and lots of nuka-cola quantum’s and other drinks)

There is also the issue of balance. Ice cold drinks are improved versions of the original, alcohol and soda are great already and can be improved with perks, if you add an upgrade every one will probably start upgrading all their drinks and probably just sell the garbage drinks for extra after chilling them. They couldn’t just flat out buff every drink, what would that even do to a ballistic bock? Buff the positives? Nerf the negatives? Some combination of the 2? These drinks are already important gameplay factors and suddenly adding a buffed version would would be chaos, who needs quantum when you have cola-nut and an ice cold nuke cola.


So how to you fix both of these problems? Ice

Add ice as a food item to the game and make it so you have to craft the drinks.

This fixes all possible problems, your not redesigning a vanilla item your adding a new one

This goes around the need for “reverse spoiling” for getting the drinks cold. You can balance the iced drinks in anyway you want, you can buff/nerf or you can just increase the amount of ice needed to make it.

You could either get it from vendors, or and ice maker camp item (preferably added via quest, instead of the atomic shop, just sell skins for it there) or random drop from daily/activity’s (strange brew is a good example) you could even add new drinks with this update (iced coffee/tea to name a couple)

The process would be, get ice, mix it with drink before it melts (spoils), drink before it gets warm.

Have some type of Thirst Quencher update where you add this feature (and quest for ice maker at the nuke cola plant or something) and add a special “refrigerator vendor” in the that stops stuff from spoiling so people can sell fresh food and drink.

(also to prevent the fridge-vendor from being used as an improved cooler, buff the coolers we have now to stop spoiling instead of slowing, because that’s better for server performance and would actually make the things usable. And nobody would use a auto-vendor if it slowed spoil instead of stopping it unless it looked cool, so you can’t do that)

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