I finally did it, Reddit. I finally came out of my shell and helped a new player.

fallout 8 - I finally did it, Reddit. I finally came out of my shell and helped a new player.

TL;DR – I help a low-level player launch a nuke and rediscover my true feelings for the FO76 community.

So I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of an introvert. (Why do you think I ever played Fallout in the first place?) I usually avoid other players and when people ask if I have a mic, I generally just thumbs down and walk away. Basically what I'm saying is Lone Wanderer is always active. Lol

That being said, I try hard not to be toxic. I switch servers when I want a workshop, I drop redundant plans for lowbies, I defend a players camp when I fast travel in, I close the door when I'm done, etc. Anything I can do to help keep the playerbase friendly.

So the other day I was grinding for legendaries to scrip for the 50% sale and I noticed that someone was in site Alpha. I figured we would have a nuke dropping soon, but after around 45 minutes there was nary so much as a splash in the pond. I wondered if he had given up, but I checked the map and he were still there. Then I noticed he was level 60. Realizing my civic duty as an Appalachian, I knew I had to help this lowbie drop this nuke on my homeland like any true patriot should! So I fast-travel in, create my ID card and follow this lowbies footsteps. I finally catch up near the mainframes as he was meticulously beating each core with a hammer. He was wearing a patchjob power armor set, weilding All Rise. I tried showing him that you can just press the core with the same effect, but he didn't seem to get it, so I blew the living shit out of them with Queen Beasty's Bane, my BE minigun. We moved on to the next room and I tried to show him where to get mainframe cores. I'm glad to say he caught on pretty quick and we scavenged/crafted enough cores to move on pretty quickly. When we got to the launch room I pointed him in the direction of the terminal to start the launch prep. After around 5 minutes of defending this computer-nerd's back from assaultrons I started to wonder if his game crashed, but a few minutes later, the launch prep starts and he exits the terminal. I realize; this mad-lad has been reading the lore! MY DUDE! CHECK THE WIKI LATER. So we defend the robots, clear hordes of baddies, use many a Stimpack, and the lights finally shut off. He walks to the controls and I hear a noise I've never heard before. A noise I don't like. A sort of: "EH EH!" or "NUH-UH!" noise. This dude doesn't have a nuclear keycard. There's no other way. I have to do the thing I fear most.


I have to put on my mic…

So with the mental support of my girlfriend I put on my headset and explain that he needs a nuclear keycard (lucky for him I have 14 of the damn things). Then I bestow upon him the secret to cracking the codes… Nukacrypt.com Finally, after around an hour and 70 diluted stimpacks wasted in this silo, I hear the blissful sound of the sirens wailing, warning me that an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile has just been launched. Getting into the groove of this whole "talking" and "socializing" thing, I finish explaining that you can get a reward from the steamer trunk upstairs and that you can walk out manually if you're overencumbered. I turn around to see him giving finger hearts and notice that he's now level 61. My baby has gotten so big. They grow up so fast! I congratulate him on launching his first nuke and he disappears. I look at the map, ready to go fight the queen, when I notice that he didn't nuke FSP. He didn't nuke WS either…

He nuked my camp…

I hate you all.

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