I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events… FOR SCIENCE!

fallout 7 - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!

tl;dr – I researched quest/event rewards so that you don't have to,
edit?usp=sharing - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!
here's a giant-ass spreadsheet!

But Why?


Okay but really, because I wanted to do some science. The current state of information on Fallout 76 is dismal, splintered across multiple wikis, countless Reddit threads, and for some reason, ancient gamefaqs forums that still exist. And yes, I can already hear you, "but we've got dataminers for that", and to that I say shut up. Datamining is all well and good, but I find it boring, inconclusive and untrustworthy. I'm far more interested in efforts like the 1,000 events guy.

And hey, this was way more fun than soullessly grinding the Whitespring forever. Like seriously, way more fun than just hopping onto the loot treadmill, and it got me to see a lot more of the game than I had.


In essence I tried to capture as much data as I could with as little effort as possible. I wanted all of this information:

  • Location
  • XP
  • Active XP boosts
  • Caps
  • Stats
  • Random legendary rewards
  • Item rewards, quantity, and order
  • Drops from specific enemies (SBQ, Imposter Sheepsquatch, etc)

Amazingly, I can get basically all of that in 2-3 well-timed screenshots (
open?id=1 qKaqtCymUd OwuycKrPeVi190e Zwfb - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!like this example pack). There's a moment where the item rewards are fading out and the XP/cap rewards are fading in, and it nets all the basic info I wanted. Stats required me to remember to take a second screenshot, and occasional XP boosts would require me to take a picture of the Effects screen in the Pip-Boy.

Of course, once I closed the game I'd have a giant pile of screenshots to manually enter into
a giant spreadsheet. Inevitably some screenshots weren't timed quite right, or I'd forget to record my stats, so not every event gets full data… but it's enough to draw some conclusions.

Now, I didn't get uniform coverage across the entire map. I admit I have my biases, and there are more than a few events I had little interest in completing a dozen times.
tuOkdhS - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!
Here's the breakdown of where the quests and events took place.

Unsurprisingly, the Toxic Valley doesn't get much love here, but arguably it never did until the Pioneer Scout update went live. In hindsight, I wish I'd spent more time around there, because there are some fun daily quests at least. Ash Heap gets over-represented because of Camden Park daily quests and Encryptid, and Scorched Earth is the only reason the Cranberry Bog got much data at all (particularly since Heart of the Enemy was only recently fixed to trigger properly).

Raw Numbers

  • 630 events and counting
  • Over 300,000 XP
  • Over 100,000 caps
  • Hundreds of stimpaks
  • Dozens of scorchbeasts, cargobots, sheepsquatches
  • 100+ random legendaries
  • A bajillion screenshots

General Findings

There's a lot to unpack in the data, but these are my main overarching points:

Cap Rewards

…are constant and nothing affects them, unless either:

  1. The given quest/event has degrees of success (e.g. Free Range, Powering Up), or
  2. It's an Enclave Dropped Connection event, which seems to drop a random number between 27 and 33 for some reason

Intelligence and XP

I wanted to confirm that Intelligence impacts the amount of XP you get, like in past games. It definitely does, and it's a ~3% gain per rank of Intelligence. Finally, a legitimate drawback to the Marsupial mutation.


I hate the stupid ellipses that eclipses the 6th reward when there's 7+ rewards, it messes with my data. I want a UI option that'll just let me see all the dang rewards.

"The Usual"

The most common quest rewards are a package that I've come to call The Usual. This is any time a quest rewards a number of Stimpaks, RadAway, and Purified Water. Often you'll see The Usual paired with an explosive of some sort, call it The Usual with Fries I guess.

Bonus Legendary Rewards

Firstly, not all events can give you a bonus legendary item. Workshop and Horde events never do, and I have yet to see any Repeatable quest give one. It's always a 1-star armor piece, unless it's Scorched Earth, which always gives you a 2-star combat armor piece. Also I don't count vanilla Shishkebabs, no matter how many times the game tries to tell me it's a legendary.

I noticed a tendency for a given event to award the same type of armor (e.g. AWOL Armaments only ever awarded combat armor). For a while I thought that quests in a given region would always award the same type of armor (e.g. the Forest tended to award leather), but that did not bear out with the data.

As for the rate of random legendaries, out of approximately 442 events that could award one, 53 did… and while I haven't really taken Luck into account there, we can ballpark the rate at 10%.

Camden Park Dailies

Unsurprisingly, these always award 3 Mr. Fuzzy Tokens. Except when they don't… I've had two dailies fail to award any tokens at all, and both times it's been Dross Toss. This is undoubtedly one of the most unsatisfying things that can happen in terms of daily quests.

The quests usually follow the pattern of "3 tokens, and a few of a single healing item". But sometimes you get The Usual, and I think it might have something to do with when you do your first set of calibrations as part of Mistaken Identity. Not yet confirmed.

The Good Events/Pleasant Surprises

Obviously all of this is subjective, and in some cases I just wanted to shout out events that are neat. But these are all either very worthwhile, or too fun to pass up on.

  • Breach and Clear is one I didn't know existed until I started this project. It's most fun if you've explored the Hornwright building in Charleston though. And hey, sometimes you get a sweet sword.
  • Distinguished Guests is just fun. Silly, ridiculous, great in large groups, fun. And I don't have enough data points to confirm this, but I've gotten some nice recipes from it.
  • Dogwood Die Off isn't all that special, if only because Bleach Dogwood is… not that great of a reward. But I appreciated that you can fix one of the Aerosolizers by kicking it if you have high enough Luck. Also, now that there's a bunch of Pioneer Scout badges that require photographing/killing wasteland critters, it's very useful to tour the Toxic Valley's overrun farmland.
  • Fly Swatter is quick, easy if you're not melee-focused, and it's just satisfying to shoot one of those bastards down. Try not to drop it on your head though… only had to make that mistake once, and it was like a flashback to the kamikaze vertibird pilots in Fallout 4.
  • Forbidden Knowledge is almost always worth the cost of fast traveling to Camp Venture. Throw in the possibility of getting rare outfits or paint job plans, and it's an automatic trip for me when I find Technical Data. Conveniently, the nearby RobCo Research Facility usually has some in it, so it's even Survival friendly!
  • Horde Events are generally amazing, as the majority have a 3-star legend for the leader. The levels are a bit swingy, but hey a level 5 legendary is still good for leveling a new character.
  • Irrational Fear is hilarious, and doesn't pop up that often. But if you see this one in the Mire, it's worth it just for Beckham's dialogue. And hey, if you need Royal Jelly for that Cooking badge, you could do worse than an event that can spawn 12 honey beasts on you.
  • It's a Trap is great if you need to take out some frustrations on a scorchbeast that isn't flying around and never landing. Or, if you need one for a photo challenge.
  • The Messenger is often actually quite enjoyable. Sure, sometimes it gets stuck on terrain, and it's basically an escort quest that can drag you through really dangerous areas, but the rewards can be pretty stellar. 100 caps apiece if it's not in the Forest, it seems, and it's the only place I've seen the Disease Cure (Savage Divide) recipe drop.
  • Powering Up are both very rewarding, particularly if you fix up the entire plant. Worth noting that Thunder Mountain has a few things to fix on the roof outside of the plant. Also, it's totally possible to ensure a plan drop, because it will give you generator plans until you learn all of them, not just until you have all of them. So if you have a character who never learned the Fusion Generator plan, you can keep getting copies of it forever. I was doing this to accumulate copies to give to new players, and then earlier this week I screwed up and accidentally learned it.
  • Strange Brew, the daily quest in the Forest, has you bring honey to Sweetwater. It also rewards some honey, and on average it rewards 5, which is half of what you had to turn in. So that's weird, was my honey not good enough, Sweetwater?!
  • Thrill of the Grill isn't gonna get a lot of love because it's complicated and in the Toxic Valley, but I enjoyed it a lot. Looks like you can get some solid recipes from it too.
  • Trick or Treat? can be completed entirely by picking pumpkins that are within 30 feet of the Pumpkin House, even more trivial if you have Green Thumb equipped. Basically free XP and grenades/fertilizer.

The Less-Good Events/Disappointments

To be perfectly clear, these aren't bad events. They're just ones that, over the course of this project, I started to dislike and in some cases actively avoid.

  • Countdown isn't really about the quest reward, I know. But at least hit me up with The Usual, or a better chance at some oddball recipes. It is, however, the only place I've ever seen the Disease Cure (Cranberry Bog) recipe drop, and it also dropped the Stimpak recipe once.
  • Heart of the Swamp because the strangler heart is a ridiculous bullet-sink and can't be targeted in VATS. Never had anything drop that was worth the time and resources, and I swear it's entirely anecdotal that it causes Strangler Bloom to appear.
  • Horde Events get mentioned here as well for all the ways they can break/fail:
    • Horde leader isn't actually a legendary at all, so no sweet legendary drop
    • Horde leader dies to some other monster in the time it takes you to fast travel in
    • Horde leader is a legend, but drops a goddamn syringer/drill
  • Idle Explosives is really only good if you like using mines. It's nice to do if it's on the way to somewhere for you, but otherwise it's kind of a pain, and god help you if the mines are in Valley Galleria because then the compass markers might not show up properly, and without compass markers this quest is downright impossible. A shame, because I like Boomer.
  • The Path to Enlightenment always seems to spawn with 4 minutes left and nobody else around. And the dang radtoads always spawn stuck in the cliffs or something so you lose out on more of that sweet, sweet bioluminescent fluid.
  • Powering up Monongah can go straight to hell. The enemies are harder than Poseidon and Thunder Mountain, I swear they respawn constantly, and the rewards are pretty much identical (copper, nuclear waste, fusion cells). Seriously it's full of Mr. Gutsies, Robobrains, and high level Super Mutants, whereas Poseidon and Thunder Mountain are full of Scorched. What gives? Doesn't help that I've never learned the layout, because I'm always being shot to death by Mr. Gutsies.
  • Protest March never feels worthwhile, but that's largely due to a (perhaps fixed?) bug where the protestors just never show up, and the event fails by timing out. Even when they do show up, as a stealth character sometimes you can just let the super mutants kill them, because there's always more super mutants in Grafton. Anyway if you're gonna do one of the two events in Grafton, it's probably not this one.
  • Surface to Air is SO LOUD GODDAMMIT. Great if you need to kill scorchbeasts or go deaf, though.
  • Tea Time takes such a long time, and the enemy waves are so unpredictable. Either you get a single bloodbug hatchling, or every critter in a five mile radius descends on the one boiler you can't see. I wish there was any feedback about how long a wave will take, or how long until the boilers reach the next threshold.
  • Uranium Fever because I'd heard so much about it, oh it's got legendaries for days, oh it's a major griefing spot, oh it's amazing… I showed up and was like "is that it". And at this point it's known that you're never gonna get a legendary over level 40 since mole miners cap out there, so… why. Why go back into Blackwater Mine?

Most Valuable Events

Again, this is subjective, but these are the best bang-for-buck as far as I found over the course of this project.

  • AWOL Armaments is always always always worth it. Worst case, you kill a bunch of robots and just get XP and scrap. But there's always that guaranteed legendary Gutsy at the end, and I've had it drop some good stuff. And hey, now they've fixed the fact that it used to award 40 XP.
  • Distant Thunder is awesome and fun, but my main character is a stealth sniper, so it's pretty much a lock. It's also one of the few events I've seen that'll award the plans to make T-51b pieces, though I've just had one drop in 10 tries.
  • Ecological Balance seems to forget that I have the stupid password for the environmental monitoring terminal about 30% of the time. And the rewards are… let's say "appropriate for the Forest early game". So why's it in this section? As someone who studied environmental science in college, this daily has a special place in my heart, so I needed to mention it somewhere here. Seriously, how cool is it that we actually get to see survivors do the slow, methodical type of SCIENCE that might not bear fruit for years? Okay I find it cool, shut up.
  • Free Range because the brahmin are adorable, the names are great when they aren't showing debug text, and holy crap guys sheepsquatch is actually real. It's also just another fantastic wasteland moment to have a half-dozen people escorting these derpy two-headed cows back home. That said, if you're alone it really sucks, and if you kill the cows after the quest finishes, then you really suck. Also lol at
    beaG0fd - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!
    this reward screen I got in particular.
  • Grafton Day, because it's Grrrrrrrrrrafton Day! Again!
  • Guided Meditation is one of my favorites for just getting tons and tons of XP from random mobs. And come on, it's so relaxing to uh, express your pillars or something. Particularly fun if you can get a team together, because it (usually) spawns more dudes, making for some chaotic awesome fun. Protip: station 4 always gets swamped first.
  • One Violent Night is usually good to bring folks together to have a good ol' hellraising party in the barn. Great for photo ops and for stories of friends defending you while you frantically play the mouth harp.
  • Wasted on /Tipsy Taste-Test are both hilarious, because Biv. If you don't like these you don't like fun. But that said, why the hell is Pickaxe Pilsner so difficult to make? Never craft it, buy that stuff from vendors… Strangler Bloom is too rare and unpredictable.

Workshop Quests

I don't really have solid conclusions about these. Even in terms of XP, I don't really have solid numbers. I know that they never award caps, they always award a plan, and that the plans don't seem to be biased towards things you don't already know. They're all pretty good I guess? And if you've got particular resource needs, it can be worthwhile to set up the collectors and then go do other stuff (seriously, only go back to collect, harder to get griefed that way).

However, I think I lost patience with the Defend quests, particularly when it's 4 waves of some slow-moving critter. And then there's all the times where I'd be camped out at Thunder Mountain, and the stupid enemies would spawn in the ground, forcing me to leave, let it turn into a Retake quest, and then get back to whatever I was doing.

Also if you're one of the assholes who snipes me while I'm actively placing down a "Public Workshop" sign blueprint, you can go straight to hell. Or you can go do Powering Up Monongah in Survival, your choice.


Encryptid gets its own section because of how odd it is. As many have remarked, it's the first server-wide event that really feels like a raid where everyone has to actually contribute in specific ways, as opposed to Scorched Earth (I hope you brought bullets) and Fasnacht (gleeful wonderful chaos). Because of this, Encryptid tends to go one of two ways:

  • Everything is fine, and the server bands together. Hardest part of the event was finding the body.
  • Two other people show up, you have to tank all three pylons, and you never get the thing to half health.

Usually, it's the first one, but if you can ensure that you'll have some friends with you, it's way better. Either way it's totally worth it, if only for the possibility of getting the plans for The Fixer, which is just a godsend to stealth-rifle characters. And you're guaranteed a legendary drop, which is… well, it's gonna vary obviously. In 17 recorded kills, I got 7 one-stars, 4 two-stars, 4 three-stars, and two goddamn drills.

Anyway, can I interest anyone in fifty white wolf fedoras.

Scorched Earth & The Queen

At this point I'm pretty confident in saying that the event itself always rewards you with a legendary 2-star combat armor piece, 4 stable flux of various colors, some ultracite scrap, super stimpaks, and (now) some improved repair kits. Also 200 caps, which is nice. In short, always worth it if your server can take down the Queen.

The Queen herself is a fickle beast. Thankfully it's been a while since I've seen her drop a Syringer, but it's still always a heartbreaker when you get a 1* trapper armor piece. I'm still piecing together the logic to her item drops, as I've only started recording them relatively recently (22 and counting), but here's what I've confirmed:

  • 1 legendary of dubious quality… of my 22 queens, it's broken down as 9 one-stars, 7 two-stars, 5 three-stars, and one goddamn Syringer.
  • 1 Ultracite Power Armor part plan… which, you know, cool I guess? Ever since the changes to Belly of the Beast, not as necessary anymore.
  • 4 scorchbeast bits (Bones/Brain/Heart/Hide/Liver/Lung/Meat/Wing Fragment), with the potential for duplicates. Gotta make that stew…
  • 4-10 ultracite scrap
  • 1 prime receiver plan, with a bias towards plans you don't already know, not ones that you have. I kept getting damn pipe gun plans because I was saving them to sell, then I learned them and haven't had a repeat since.
  • 1 power armor plan, either a jet pack or a mod for Ultracite armor, but never both
  • Assorted chems, armor, and weapons, blah blah blah

For me the biggest takeaway here is that you should learn all the prime receiver recipes you get, because it seems to guard against getting duplicates. Again, not enough data here to confirm it, because my main apparently still has prime plans to learn, but I'm pretty confident in it (call it a p value of "it's probably fine").

And hey, on the bright side, now you can always vendor that crap one-star armor piece she dropped and save up for neat stuff from the Purveyor. Throw in the bonus 2-star combat armor that always drops from the completed event, and that's a little bit of scrip for your trouble.

Conclusions/What's Next/How Can I Help?

Obviously I'm not done with this quest, there's still plenty of data to gather and new content always means more SCIENCE to do. Questions abound, like how often does Campfire Tales drop the S'mores recipe? Can we nail down an actual probability that the Scorchbeast Queen drops a 1-star garbage pipe rifle? Does anyone bother with Jail Break and Patrol Duty anymore now that we can buy weapon plans? How often to hordes spawn non-legendary bosses, and who can I yell at about that? Can I draw meaningful conclusions about the specific loot drop rates for normal boring stuff?

There's also the matter of where to put this information. Like I said, I'm disappointed by how fragmented the knowledge base of this game is online, but I'm honestly not sure which wiki(s?) I should take this data to. Thoughts are appreciated.

And hey, you can help! I have
16eCAXl9r Xv5dg4h4FXxFL2OeaCeSrq0?usp=sharing - I gathered data on quest/event rewards for over 600 events... FOR SCIENCE!
a google drive folder for folks who want to submit their screenshots, with no real requirements as long as there's some data in there. Be as thorough as you want, and I really do appreciate any and all contributions.

So yeah, that's my 7-page thesis on quest/event rewards in Fallout 76. Hope you learned something, or at least saw an event you haven't tried before. Keep on surviving folks, and to all my fellow Filthy Casuals, I salute you!

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