I got to 100 Score and now I am free!

fallout 76 discussion and inform - I got to 100 Score and now I am free!

I know I am late to the party but I finally finished the run.
And I am so flippen happy.

So far I have loved the Seasons, I have done 1 and 3 (this one).
Overall the Seasons have drastically changed how I view the game.

Season 1

Prior to Season 1 I had been playing since the beta and had gotten to lvl 126 as a sneak full hp sniper I avoided west tek as when I had previously entered I was mobbed and killed again and again.
I was having trouble getting teh daily lvl up so I started optimizing my build and became a bloodied rifleman/commando and suddently West Tek became a second home. I ended the run at about lvl 220.

Season 2

I sadly burnt out of 2, coupled with Cyberpunk2077, WatchDogs and Valhalla releasing close to that time meant that I didnt want to play during that time. I learnt that I really must take breaks from this game, however I misesed out on the greenhouse.

Season 3

Season 3 was another huge shift for me, I started on St Patricks day (37 days ago) so I started well behind schedule (heck it was originally thought the season was ending at that time). I was also lvl 246 at teh start.
Just doing the daily and weekly challenges was only going to get me to ~77, that wasnt going to cut it. Thankfully there is the weekly repeatable challenge where 10,000xp will net you 100 Score-xp.
So this season I had two goals:

  • Make up the deficit by xp farming like mad.
  • Create a better tracking tool suited to my own use.

Make up the deficit by xp farming like mad.

The xp farming was a huge learning experence for me, I learnt about teh joys of herbivore + brain soup + cranberry relish.
I opened lunchboxes at SBQ and Earle hoping others would open some as well.
I got a shielded casual underarmor for a slight int boost.
I killed a mountain of supermutants.
I learned the joys of Radiation Rumble (danm that event is overpowered and its rewardign not doing the event properly but its a blast)
I got a lot better at Dops where I could casually duo it if I had anotehr lukewarm body ont eh beacons.
I have made some really good friends via the fallout Discord.


And the xp gain was bonkers, within two weeks I had gained ~100 levels.
To go from 1-246 is 4,831,400xp.
The 100 levels from 246 to 346 is 4,771,240xp.
Those two weeks I had gained more xp than I had in literal years.
I ended up getting to 398 which is a grand total of 7,824,960xp from 246, almost double.
In the end this amounted to the last 25 Score-lvl's I needed to finish the season.

The making friends is pretty important to me now, talking to those folks helped break me out of my xp farming routiene which helped me avoid burnout.
One showed me the spawn spots of teh Civil war Enactors/Plans, I think I have all 7 now).
Another was hunting for the Hunters longcoat and showed me some spawn locations of teh vendor bot, at that point the bot hadnt spawned for her in 3 weeks but as I kept finding the bot afterwards (sometimes 5+ times a day) I enjoyed her desent into madness. (she did eventually get teh coat)
Those two hunts were fantastic at breaking ther xp grind for me as I saw many of teh random encounters for the first time, and as a beta player who thought he had seen it all it was thrilling.

Create a better tracking tool suited to my own use.

The final goal I had was related to being a delevoper in training: to create a better tracking tool than the spreadsheets that have been created.
So I did:
season - I got to 100 Score and now I am free!

I got a lot of feedback from teh first round (I really do love feedback) which I was able to intergrate nicely.
From Discord I got more feedback as well, such as it being too complex, so I added an Idiot Savant mode.
I kept adding tools to suit my needs, such as if you know the lvl you started with and end with it can calcualte how much xp ye earned, and how much score-xp from that.
All in all its been a fun experence delevoping this, and I will probally keep at it for some time.

Season 4

Next season will probally be a camp building season for me, just casually doing teh dailies/weeklies and meeting my new found friends.
I can kick back and relax, improving both my camp and shelters and generally just enjoying and appreciating the game.

Thanks for reading all the way down and have a good weekend!

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