[+] I gotta admit there’s a bit of the Fallout magic in 76

fallout 8 - [+] I gotta admit there's a bit of the Fallout magic in 76

It's probably my least favorite of the games as the inability to interact with NPCs is bad and the overlong holotapes do not do a decent job of substituting for them. However, there's some genuinely good moments listening to tunes as I travel through the Wasteland that reminded me of the best moments of Fallout 3 (my favorite of the series).

  • Crossing the New River Gorge Bridge, a real West Virgnia State Landmark is actually a pretty cool landmark use with its many cracks and hordes of ghouls.
  • The Responders seem like a genuinely heroic band of people and I bought them a lot more as serious heroic "normals" more than I ever did the Minutemen.
  • I like the dramatic irony of the Overseer being a fanatical Vault-Tec employee trying to save the Commonwealth of Virginia while missing the fact Vault-Tec is objectively evil.
  • Modus is hilarious and I love that the Enclave's A.I. is more or less Hugo Strange.
  • The use of the Green Briar Inn (a place I've stayed in) with its crazy Cold War history is lovely even if I can't approach the place very often because it's constantly getting nuked.
  • Watching the nuclear explosions from a distance can be beautiful.
  • The games systems means I'm trying out new builds with my character being a hatchet wielding maniac.
  • The survival mechanics really do make this game feel very different with regular food, water, and the dangers of both disease as well as radiation giving a much more desperate feel.
  • I feel like there's a much better selection of music than in Fallout 4 which felt a bit like, "some songs plus the ones in Fallout 3"
  • I love the lush, verdant, and empty Wasteland of West Virginia as a contrast to the Capital Wasteland. It's a bit like Chernobyl in that regard.

So what good moments have you had with the game so far?

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