I griefed a griefer and he tells me it ain’t cool to grief lol

fallout 76 discussion and inform - I griefed a griefer and he tells me it ain't cool to grief lol

So I wanted to hit Whitesprings today to farm some legendaries. I noticed its loaded with low levels and a level 100+ dude just slapping them around with a deathclaw. They finally gave in and tried to fight him. I observed the fight from over the wall in chameleon.

He stood still and took no damage. Sentinel Assasin, he whipped out a shotgun and took out all 3 of them. Nothing out of the ordinary. They gave up and abandoned and one came back to collect his loot bag. The griefing begins here, he brought out the deathclaw and slapped him to death going wanted. The moment he turned red, I had a banked a critical, and poof. He was down. One of the dudes that he killed came back and did the toxic emote over his dead body.

He respawned, looked around and couldn't pick up my location, and was probablg salty because of that guy doing the toxic emote. So he makes his way to their camp, which apparently was by the tower left side of white spring. I tailed him crouching, seeing as he was moving towards the lower level dudes. Once he arrived, they were stuffed in the house hiding like the three little piggies from the big bad wolf. He whips out his shotgun and begins to blow the walls down. He became wanted, but I couldn't shoot just yet, because of the sentinel assasin. So the moment he decided to change his angle, I shot him down once more.

He respawns and checks the whole area around the camp trying to make my position, I was clustered into a bush lol and he even passed by several times, and I thought he noticed me, but he would just run pass. Finally he stood and faded away.


Check the map and I found him near the grafton station. There was two level 50s apparently in camp. Their dots on the map weren't moving, so I assumed they were in their camp, and considering my new buddy was into the camp blowing up business, I could only imagine he was making his way to them to give them a little hello in his own griefy way. I stacked a critical on my way to the next targeted camp and positioned myself on top of a broken fence. A minute later and he was there. The other two come out and begin waving at him and he started slapping them. They both refused to pvp and he brought out the shotgun. Shot down the door and BAM. One shot critical and he was down.

The dudes server hopped and he returned. Looked around the whole area, but couldn't find me. Suddenly, I get a message. He wrote "It ain't cool to grief" followed by my mother's activities with him and so on.

It was pretty fun honestly to watch and ruin his own form of fun.

Edit: Nice! So many upvotes. Poor little griefer made Senpai notice me!

Edit: Thx Coldestgoose for the Silver, and the annonyomus dude for the gold! Wow! Im gonna wreck every griefer I see from now on.

Edit: Considering the silver and Gold. You gotta griefer/griefers and you on ps4, send me an add and I will bring the big guns. Gamertag: Jullz_Wolf

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