I had a dream and i hope it comes to reality like some of my other ones do.

fallout 1 - I had a dream and i hope it comes to reality like some of my other ones do.

So I had a dream last night that they were releasing a new DLC for Fallout 4, called Mania, or something like that. It takes place in the future about 25 years after the events of Fallout 4. You play as the second son of the Sole Survivor. You could even meet him, or her depending on your choices. The landscape is more barren and desert like due to for some reason an increase in rad storms from the glowing sea. There is an array of new weapons and armor, that have been made by people rebuilding weapons factories. There are new quest, and even people that will say you look like your father/mother. There are two main quest lines, one to aid the BOS, Enclave (because they decided to show up again), or the Minute men, to defeat the other factions and discover the source of the increase of rad storms. Which turns out to be the Children of Atom, who are pooling nuclear material there, along with detonating nuclear warheads. Your goal is to stop them using any means necessary, to save the Commonwealth from becoming a nuclear hellscape, with out going insane from the stress which is a new game play mechanic, where your new player isn't used to fighting, like the sole survivor was since he was in the military. Your player has to build up a tolerance for combat, and seeing the hellish beast and attrocities of the wasteland.


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