I hated Fallout 76 until I actually played it

fallout 3 - I hated Fallout 76 until I actually played it

In present, I am currently obsessed with FO76 and continue to play it daily to complete all that I can. I am also obsessed with helping new players with gear and items that will help them in the same way I was helped by a lovely player that had gifted me with two mutations (that I had no idea about but sold them for caps that helped me throughout the game), a legendary hunting rifle, and 20 stimpaks – all with a message that said to do the same for others when I was in his position. I now do everything I can to help new players with free fusion cores and stuff that can help them get an edge that I think the game needed for be to love it the way I do.

I first played Fallout 76 during the beta testing while living in Australia, which meant that I had to either stay up for the night or wake up at 3am. I played every beta day and then discarded the player I had made to start fresh on release day. I then proceeded to not only dislike the game but to outwardly protest the problems that I had with the game. I told myself that I would never play it again and traded my tricentennial edition back into my local EB Games. I was honestly heartbroken as I consider Fallout my absolute favourite game franchise, having started with Fallout 3 when I was 12 and then playing ever game with the Fallout name possible. I put aside problems that I had with Fallout 4 due to my obsession but Fallout: New Vegas always remained my favourite.

I recently lost my job due to COVID and have filled up my time with studying and gaming. I played everything I could until I watched a video about Fallout 76: Wastelanders and with NPCs – I bought the game again and continued to play it for 3 weeks straight.


I can honestly say that I never properly played Fallout 76 initially and that the Wastelanders DLC has honestly improved it to a point that I enjoy it more than Fallout 4. The choice between the Raiders and the Settlers reminded me of proper Fallout, even if I couldn’t just say no to both. I always played as a good karma character, no matter what. I picked settlers as it seemed arguably the best “good karma” choice as they’re trying to rebuild instead of rob and and kill like the Raiders.

I can honestly say that I had such a negative bias towards FO76 at first just due to the amount of hate that it was getting and I let it deep into my own opinion of the game. I honestly think that the early help from a high level player was the little push that I needed to have a edge that I think early game players need to fall in love with the game. It seems to be in a absolutely amazing place bug wise compared to release (obviously, I now pointing that out is farce). I just wanted to write somewhere to anyone hesitant to play this game again that it truly in good shape to give another go on.

I know that most of this seems farce but I just wanted to throw my opinion out like I never normally do for a game that I will now praise instead of sheepishly hate.

Always help your low level players, it might help them live a game they once hated. It is seriously a game that I wish I had given another chance on earlier and I can’t wait for any further content.

Anyway, I hope that throwing my opinion out doesn’t piss too many people off but I just wanted to share a story of someone that loves fallout, hated Fallout 76, only to fall in love with it years later.

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