I have a serious question for the die hard Fallout NV fans

fallout 5 - I have a serious question for the die hard Fallout NV fans

I know this is to just about everyone in here.

Side note: Does anyone in this sub not like NV? Or like it less than 3, 4, or 76 at least. I’m curious, because it seems to be the undisputed favorite of this sub.

Anyways, those who love NV – what do you love about it? I’m asking, because I want to like it. I really do. I downloaded it on PC a few months back and used the mods that were recommended through this sub, PC gamer and my friends who have played it collectively a hundred times.


And yet, after about an hour I couldn’t take it and I – for the first time since No Man Sky – applied for a refund via Steam. I was so hyped to get into it and it just seemed to really let me down. Little things like the lack of sprinting and the lack of accuracy outside of VATS really annoyed me in that hour. The graphics, even with multiple mods, exemplified “last gen” and the bugs I encountered weren’t game-breaking… but they did eventually lead to me checking my play time for the purposes of refund eligibility.

I can’t help but think I missed out on NV. Maybe if I had picked it up back in 2010, NV would seem more worthwhile and enjoyable to me. I’ll never know I guess, but I’d love to hear why most of you would consider it your favorite. I’m still trying to find a reason to give it a second, second chance.

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