“I have a strange request. Can you die for me please? I need a backpack.”

fallout 4 - "I have a strange request. Can you die for me please? I need a backpack."

Listen. I realize you started playing this game literally minutes ago as you are a level 2 in Flatwoods with no clothes on. Your area chat gave away the fact that this was all new to you, and I was probably the very first player you'd encountered. I definitely freaked you out by following you around while you were running away from me, or that time I trained 3 or 4 ghouls to you from the gas station. I was foiled when you jumped on the hood of that car, you were probably wondering why I wasn't killing anything when my weapon was clearly in my hands. You didn't even know how to team up and declined my team request, verbally acknowledging in area chat that the decline was a mistake and in spite of my strange behavior, asked me to team up again. I added you, and we trudged over to Vault Tec Agricultural center where I proceeded to draw as many Mr Farmhands as I could to you. You refused to die! Even though you were a newborn vault baby fresh on the wasteland your pluck and determination and awe at the game kept you going. Your health was low, but all the enemies were dead at your feet. Ghouls, robots, nothing could kill you even though I wasn't contributing at all.

I got desperate, not wanting to give a new player the wrong idea. I plugged in my headset.

Hey listen, I have a strange request. I'm doing a quest that requires me to revive a teammate, can you die for me?


You, like the rockstar you are, happily agreed to die. You didn't even know the consequences of that action yet, and asked me

what happens when I die do I lose all my stuff?

I assured you that death in the game is fairly forgiving, you'll only lose any junk you'd picked up and all your weapons, armor, ammo and other supplies would go untouched but I wouldn't even let you fully die, I'd just revive you with no penalty to yourself; I'd be down one stimpack.

We found some more Mr. Farmhands and danced around them until a laser beam brought you to your knees. I rushed over and stimpacked you back to life, then went to town on the rouge farmbots in a righteous rage. I thanked you profusely, dropping some plasma grenades, stimpacks and ammo to see you along your way.

This is it! I got 3 merit badges, I picked up toxic goo with my bare hands and farmed weird bug parts in an area of the world I probably should have waited 10 more player levels to gain before attempting, and this teammate revive gave me the last requirement to get my backpack. +30 carry weight here I come!

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