I have given Fallout 76 three chances and each time I’m still disappointed with it

fallout 1 - I have given Fallout 76 three chances and each time I'm still disappointed with it

Let me start off by saying I am a major fallout fan and fallout 4 is my favorite game ever. I participated in the 76 BETA and have been with it since day 1. I was excited for an online Fallout game and I liked the idea but god the game was a broken mess with not a lot to do. I was so let down by it. I could take a bad game but with this it really felt like they didn't even try, it felt like they slapped it together and rushed it out.

I appreciate that they continue to add to the game and try to fix it but it never should have been released in the state it was put out in. I played the game for about a month after launch and then uninstalled it. After a few months people were saying it was fixed and a much better game so I tried it again. After an hour I was still very bored with it and it crashed twice. There also were issues with enemy spawns and stuff you would kill would just stand there, there were also a ton of other bugs and it was just very weird in general. I uninstalled it again.

Then after E3 I thought maybe the core game worked well now and there was a lot to do if they are adding battle royale so I played again. I didn't like the battle Royale it was just clunky and the amount of damage weapons did seemed really off. I had a scoped hunting rifle and shot a guy with no armor at least 7-8 times and he was only slightly below half health, then I got wacked to death with a machete almost instantly.


Then I checked out the normal game and it was pretty much the exact same. I did like that my settlement was saved still after all this time but aside from messing with that there wasn't anything to do and I got bored quickly. I also encountered several new issues, the most annoying of which was powerlines not connecting. When I would press Y in workshop mode to attach a wire my character would grab it the first time and then jump when I tried to connect it. So I was unable to connect wires. I also got headshot while using a store and a level 150 in power armor destroyed my entire base and fucked me up no problem. I had literally no fun at all.

I plan to try the game again when they have human NPCs in it, I think that would really help especially if they let you have like 5 settlers for your base or something like that. Then you can have an actual town and stuff. But really they need to just make the base game work. I know it's Bethesda but at this point I should be able to play the game with no major issues. In the words of our lord it should just work.

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