I have had the worst online multiplayer experience ever in this game.

fallout 7 - I have had the worst online multiplayer experience ever in this game.

So I was enjoying, actually, loving this game bits to bits by reading all the terminals, notes, and listening to all the holotapes.

Just started building nice looking CAMP near the Whitespring Golf Club as well!

Everything was fitting into places as I slowly get to the mid-game already, but something was missing.

Cooperating with other players for a fun and exciting co-op game.

So I decided to join this sub's Discord and looked for people to play with.

A user (won't mention the name) offered a spot in his party and said he already had couple of other people he's been playing with.

They were pretty high level for me and wanted to fight high level monsters like the Wendigo and Scorchbeasts.

Still, where else can I get an awesome full voice chatting online co-op experience right?

I've had lots of fun dungeoneering with these folks, occasionally killing each other (the group grew to 6 people and had to separate into 2 parties), sharing loots and foods.

Until when we've decided to CAMP together close to each other. Sure! I love making base and with newly met friends? Of course!


So as we were building our bases, they decided to take a break and visit my place to check out my progress, I hadn't gone that far off but, it was something and they all liked the structure.

I explained to them that I made my CAMP to look like my dream home and also that my character is based on my IRL look.

But when they saw me without my power armor, they all started laughing.

Saying things like Haha, you look so weird with your long flappy arms. and Lol why do you look like that?

How can people, although through anonymity be so senseless and shameless to others online?

It all started falling apart because they somehow got the best of me and all ganged up on me verbally.

I could not have had a worse online experience being called names and being humiliated at by my newly met friends online.

I look like this: https://i.imgur.com/ziwYTTV.png

Am I that ugly looking?

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