I honestly don’t know if I can play this game anymore……and I hate it.

fallout 2 - I honestly don't know if I can play this game anymore......and I hate it.

Little backstory here.

I started playing Fallout around 10 years ago when I first started dating my wife. I was in a period of not having much to play as I had beaten all the good stuff at the time and my friend suggested 'Fallout 3' to me. So I said 'What the heck', picked it up at EB Games for a super cheap price and went home to try it out.

I immediately fell in love with everything.

From the dialogue choices, to the open world, being able to just run around and pretty much do whatever I wanted.

I sunk HUNDREDS of hours into it, leveling up my character, and trying to make myself 'God of the wastes'.

I then did the same with New Vegas, and then with FO4.

Now we come to FO76.

I purchased 76 at launch because I have an open mind. I understand this is the first time Bethesda was bringing Fallout to the PVP, online arena, and everyone was skeptical (as was I), but I kept an open mind. I watched ALL the interviews with staff, Todd and everyone else and I was pretty psyched for a new experience. Especially the beautiful landscape that's around 4X bigger than Fallout 4. I could just wander the landscape for hours, searching lore and leveling up my character.

I absolutely LOVE, the building aspect. I literally change my camp every TWO days (my wife thinks I'm nuts). I watch building videos on YouTube, search the net for new designs, and just try to come up with new ideas all the time. I've had people stop by my camps and tell me how cool they were and ask me many questions about my builds. I give people tips, and have helped may people with builds.

I created my character with a purpose to try and know every plan in the game, so I could help anyone, with anything at any time.

I have helped SOO MANY low levels level up its not even funny. I create almost every low level I come across their first set of BOS Armour and make them a Fixer for their travels.

I am currently level 157 on my main that I am using right now and have fine tweaked this character using others advice, YouTube, the net, and am VERY happy. It's a heavy build with over 700 DMG resistance, and I can pretty much get hit by anything and laugh it off.

I recently spent 10,000 caps on my most wanted gun, being a TSE Gatling, that I searched for two months for.

This thing hits hard and hits with over 300 DMG per shot.


All in all, I'm a Fallout Junkie.

But today, I'm SUPER disappointed and honestly don't know if I can play anymore.

I subscribe to FO1st, and have a bit of steel saved up that I want to donate for this community event, but the rewards are deterring me. For the THIRD time, Bethesda is RE-SKINNING the same old song and dance Christmas present rewards and offering them to me again.

First there was the Christmas presents, then they were RE-SKINNED as ornate pails on the Treasure Hunter event, and now again as rewards for donating resources to bring the BOS to Appalachia. How many mounted blood bug plans do I need?

I want to build a new camp, but I don't like most of the exterior walls and have recently learned the trick to make both sides wallpaper.

Welp. Cant do that anymore. Bethesda 'Fixed', that yesterday. Even though NO ONE asked for it and I see everyone is outraged.

It will be interesting to see if they actually listen to people.

The rewards system in this game is absolutely terrible. WE USE HOW MANY BULLETS FOR AN SBQ ONLY TO BE REWARDED WITH A 1 PIPE WRENCH?*

And this topic in itself about the rewards has been posted on Reddit, time and time again so you KNOW FOR A FACT Bethesda has seen it. You know they scour the forums to see what the community is saying next as they have frequently commented on our posts.

But on posts about criticizing the rewards system – I've never seen ONE comment from Bethesda. No matter how many up-votes it gets. But you know they seen it. But because they haven't responded, then to 'us', the players, it just seems like they don't care.

I was looking forward to the Deep Pockets SS Limb plans yesterday, but see that that again screwed the pooch and didn't get added.

But even if it did, then what? There's still everything else.

I feel like I am playing a game designed to screw the players but yet try and rope them in to keep them playing – just to screw them some more.

I just don't know if I can do it anymore.

Much love to all you guys and gals. You've helped me in a lot in this game and you're all appreciated very much.

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