I Honestly Never Want to Do Large Group Required Events Ever Again: Anyone Feel The Same?

fallout 76 discussion and inform - I Honestly Never Want to Do Large Group Required Events Ever Again: Anyone Feel The Same?

Well, I am starting to believe I should never do these events ever again, I want to, but there’s so many negatives that just aren’t worth the hassle. I’m wondering if any of you vault dwellers experience any of these issues yourself? And please know that I’m not trying to anger anybody on here by posting this, it’s just one guy’s opinion. I’m a nice guy, don’t hurt me.

I’m constantly running into events that have any of the following:

– Few people participating.

This will become more problematic as more of these events are scattered around the place. Events like Encrypted are less active, which requires team cooperation. It’s not easily done by 3 random strangers. Arktos Pharma will soon suffer the same fate if this continues and will make getting that sweet loot harder to do unless you bring friends.

– Those who just sit back and take peoples junk.

I’ve ran into it often. Even had toxic people gloating about it on mics, some were solo, some in groups, but the jokes on them, I carry reserves at all times in my stash for emergencies only and know how to easily farm materials back, but it’s annoying for other players who don’t take these precautions. It also becomes a battle royal of people stealing everyones junk in the chaos because they lost theirs. This just makes less people cooperate to fight the objectives and more of a rush to get their stuff and flee if things aren’t going well.


– People who only kill non objective enemies

When there’s a boss or objective to be taken down, you should be taking it down with me, come on guys! I know, there’s a 3 star legendary, I been guilty too, and you want that loot. Tag it and if someone’s clearing trash, they’ll kill it for you! You can loot it afterwards or when there’s a moment of peace before an objective.

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– Enemies that 1 shot you and don’t allow you to call for help, forcing you to re-spawn

This right here, really grinds my gears with these new large scale events! It’s usually what leads to grieving by those looking to take others junk in events. This I believe should be looked into, event wise. I might get knocked out by an explosion that lets me live but a random melee attack that usually lets me call for help insta-kills me somehow but not the fella I used a stimpak to save? While I’m In power armor? What?! How?! (I’m sure there’s a reason, I’m not aware of)

– Lackluster Drops

And of course, the loot off those 3 star tank legendaries can be completely funny. You kill a three star enemy and, tada! You got a 1 star ghoul wood piece… those weapons I broke and meds I used sure was worth that investment huh?

Uh… I think I need to lie down after typing this.

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