I honestly think that Fallout Shelter should have got more updates.

fallout 8 - I honestly think that Fallout Shelter should have got more updates.

Am i the only one who still goes to fo shelter to kill some time?. Since its obious that the sequel is surelly not gonna move from its chinese versión, it would have been amazing to see more ways to interact with the dwellers, the rooms, missions and more.

  • More suits for the dwellers like factions clothing. I even i dreamed of cappy and bottle as secret posible dwellers or at least some suits to dress the dwellers for fun.
  • Minigames in the training rooms and resources. It would be a fun way to interact with the aspects of those rooms
  • Missións that could involve more tan fog of war exploring and auto battle. Something like you enter an abandoned shelter, go down some 4 or 5 floors and realize that the entrance was locked and its starting to fill up with wáter and the elevators have to be opened with terminals, at least something different for once.
  • Just more godamn difficulty, maybe its just me but not even survival mode is a challenge, where's those kaizo mod madmen when you really need em v,:
  • Actual cities to explore, places from different fo games.
  • More interactive elements with missions, mine defusing, stealth walking into romos for surprise atacks or grenade pranking
  • Fast paced combat because even a turtle without limbs would fight faster than everyone else and win for fucks sake
  • Customization for pets because…..why the fuck not?. I even want lots of rexes, i know everyone loves dogmeat but rex is just fucking badass
  • More enemies, even as legendaries pulling some "has mutated so hp refill and moar pain sucka!"
  • Making grenades, like high damage consumable ítems during combat, the exploding animation is amazing so if those raider fuckers and bosses can trow shit at us why can't we do the same?
  • Being able to see a familly tree of the dwellers, just as something to show and tell.
  • A more fun screenshot option to take the screenshots of any room and edit the dwellers that appear, select different poses, and some special message.
  • Being able to ascend a maxed out dweller into a legendary and have unique atributes
  • Poker game with the deck customized with your dwellers and pets images. I could also say caravan but i just can't get the hang out if it (that lead me to steal and grenadeprank every npc that got me in new vegas)
  • Make the radio room to have its own radio music like in any fo game or to let us play our own music from a specific folder, that woud make the room usefull.
  • Being able to make a dweller to pull off a grenade or dynamite and explode whenever its on combar or in the shelter………ok that is my only evil wish, don't judge me!

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