I hope more RPG mechanics come back, but I also hope they’re done better.

fallout 6 - I hope more RPG mechanics come back, but I also hope they're done better.

First, Skill checks: In 3 and NV they were instant win buttons. That wasn't really engaging or fun.

  • Have them sometimes make the situation worse. Like you try to smooth talk your way out of something, but the person your talking to knows that and just gets angry. Have skill checks that won't actually help the situation at all. Included with this, make failing skill checks have more consequence.

  • Don't show whether or not the skill check will fail. Either have it not show up unless you can pass it, or do the NV approach of having different lines of dialogue depending on how high your skill is, but don't show the threshold needed to 'pass'.

  • Make it so when there's multiple possible skill checks, have the outcome actually be affected by which one you chose.

Second: Combine NV faction affinity with 4/Oblivions personal affinity.

  • Make it so each person has their own affinity to you, affected by your personal interactions with them. Also make sure everyone has a name. 'Caravan Guard' becomes 'Caravan Guard Joe' for example.

  • If Caravan Guard Joe is part of the Caravan Guard Club, have his affinity also be affected by your standing with the CGC.

  • Also, have Caravan Guard Joe react differently depending on if you're a member of his faction, a rival faction, or no faction.

Third: Just bring back traits. But do keep the mutation system from 76. It's cool


Fourth: For leveling up, either improve the current system, or go to the elder scrolls system.

  • If improving the current system, make them more like picking skills in 3 and NV. Have them unlock new abilities, rather than just be percentage boosters.

  • If you go to the elder scrolls system, make sure Crafting (a.k.a. Smithing) doesn't take grinding out a billion rings to level properly.

  • Maybe combine the two.

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Finally: Have recurring characters, that you can kill, and consequences for actions.

  • Have some people show up in side quests and main quests. Have your interactions with them in previous quests affect how they behave in the current quest.

  • If you kill a character, have another take their place. Have their opinion of you be affected by whether or not it was known that you killed the previous one.

  • Have more faction/quest interaction. NV was close, but everything just kinda stopped too early. Make it so having done a certain quest or not affect another quest, and have how you resolved that quest matter. Make it so if you destroy a faction say, someone can escape and join up with another faction, making it harder to have that faction like you. Stuff like that.

These are my suggestions. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts.

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