I joined my first SBQ event today – It was fun

fallout 3 - I joined my first SBQ event today - It was fun

I have been playing for about two months, but I was only playing on private server until about a week ago, when I decided to try the public servers once in a while. I have been having nothing but great experiences on the public servers, so I have been going onto them once in a while and doing more things, a little bit at a time. Today, I was working on looking for legendary items to scrip, so I could go to the legendary vendor and try my luck again (my luck has super sucked at buying legendaries from the vendor, so far – I always end up scripping them, so I can try again). The first time I saw a nuke warning today, I ignored it, because I was in the Charleston capitol building, working on the quest to load the Master Holotape into Sam's terminal. Not long after I was done with that, another nuke warning sounded, so I decided to go check it out, because I have never seen the Scorch Beast Queen before. The very first thing I learned was to be sure to put on Power Armor BEFORE fast traveling to the nuke zone, because if you don't then you suffer radiation insta-death the way I did! LOL 😀

Once I respawned outside the nuke zone, donned my Power Armor, then went toward the crowd of people and the SBQ, I had read enough on Reddit to know to see what was going on first, be sure the one who called the nuke had the opportunity to start shooting at the SBQ, and to basically stay out of the way of the more experienced players. It turned out everyone was already shooting at her, and she was almost down to half health, so I went ahead and started shooting at her. When I saw the teeny-tiny little bit of damage I was doing to her, I was very happy I was not there trying to fight her by myself! I did not bother with drugs, bobbleheads, or any of that, because I had seen on the map that there were plenty of players already there, with triple digit levels. I was there more to "participate", just so I could see what an SBQ fight was like. Once she went down, it turned out that I had done so little damage I did not even receive any sort of drops from her body. That is OK though, because the Xbox Achievement for completing the event popped, which was the main reason I went there, anyway. While everyone was fighting the SBQ, I saw some players being attacked by scorched and those glowing blob things (I forget what they are called). I killed several of those things, because I can take them out pretty easily, and to let the heavy gunners just focus on killing the SBQ. It was a really fun time, getting to see an SBQ fight for the first time, because I have read so much about them. I was "hoping" someone would launch another nuke, because I suddenly thought about the fact that there is another Xbox achievement for being at ground zero when a nuke drops. I was going to try taking everything off, then running into the middle of the drop zone, if another nuke warning went off (at least that is how I "GUESS" that achievement works). Unfortunately, no more nukes were dropped, but I am sure I will have plenty of other opportunities later. 🙂


After the SBQ was dead, the other players left. I ran toward the other fissure site and killed a legendary scorchbeast, to snag another legendary item. I can kill those by myself, but it takes me a little while. I have killed several of them before, but I had no idea how much tougher the SBQ was, in comparison to a typical legendary scorchbeast, until I saw it today. 🙂

Thanks to Bethesda for the legendary vendor sale, and for another double XP weekend. After work today, I was able to go from level 90 to 92. I am going to push this weekend, to try to get to 100, so I can get the Xbox achievement for it. After that, I will go back to focusing on continuing the story line, because I want to eventually finish that. I ran around and fought some things that gave me several one-stars, a two-star, and a three-star legendary weapon to scrip. My luck with the vendor was still terrible, but at least it was a fun time getting them! 🙂

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