I just bought fo76 and didn’t expect it to be this interesting

fallout 7 - I just bought fo76 and didn’t expect it to be this interesting


I am a fallout fan in general. Really love the story and the post apocalyptic world! I love everything about the wasteland!

When fo76 was announced to be an online game without NPC I was really disappointed. I thought that the real game identity was taken away from it. And after all the media fallout around the game and all the hate, I was convinced that this is a bad game that doesn’t resemble a “true” fallout game. I also thought that anyone defending the game on youtube is just a “shell”.

The main criticisms that the game faced were the bugs, the boring story without npcs, and the “laziness” by bethesda.

Recently I watched old pete in an interview. He finally admitted that some things were wrong and that things will improve. Which by the way was something a lot of the fans wanted from the beginning. Take responsibility and actually try to improve. Then I saw the wastelander dlc, and it seemed promising.

So I decided on Sunday to buy the game and see how “bad” it really is before any more updates. Also I thought that the online community will be fun.

Right from the start of the game I felt like it’s not that bad. I exited the vault and started playing the missions and engaging in the world.

After playing more than 20 hours I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting fo76 to be like this!

First and the most important thing is, the game feels as good as any other fallout game! Sure there are no npcs but it isn’t an issue at all. It is really fascinating how we were just making a mountain out of a molehill! The part the NPCs played in previous fo games is hugely overextended. Once you play fo76 you realize that what makes fo a fun and interesting game is not the npcs! The game itself, the locations the lore and the challenges are what gives the game it’s identity. The npcs were just there to pinpoint you to the next adventure but they were never the adventure itself! So it’s not a problem at all whether the quest giver is an npc or a tape or a note or a robot, what is important is the lore and the quest itself with the interesting stories and characters even dead characters. All the quest are still so engaging and fun.

Second, the work that was done to the crafting system is just amazing. You have now more reasons than ever to craft and manage the junk better with much more rewards for doing so and much more things to do with them. And the blueprint system is amazing especially how you have to slowly progress and find new blueprints and develop skills over time! But anyone can see that the whole looting and crafting system was greatly improved and is now much more fun and engaging especially with the added survival elements that u need to keep up with.


Also, regarding the online aspect of the game, it’s really a new experience and it’s an interesting one! The community is full of nice and wonderful people! It’s a shame that all the focus was on the annoying hackers and bullies while the majority of the community is full of nice people! Literally all the high players I met were so helpful and gave me lots of gifts and items they didn’t need (I gotta admit they really spoiled me with all kinds of weapons armor ammo junk caps etc.. without even asking)! Met lot of friends and families playing the game and enjoying their time together! Most players are friendly, and the rest are just players minding their own business enjoying the game on their own not bothering anyone. Everyone is just focused on playing quests, crafting, building with the new amazing camp system, that most really don’t care about other players around. And the passive system which was introduced later is good for new players. Events are really interesting to play with other players. The list of the good things about having other players around keeps on going. Some players even helped me complete some daily quests to get more atoms to use in the atom shop which until this day isn’t too bad and isn’t too much a pay to win thing.

To be fair this review includes a year of constant updates and fixes which I didn’t experience. I can’t imagine how bad it was to have an inventory with anything less than 800! I am only starting but even after all the scraping and bulking and building, my inventory is half full. Also I experienced a reoccurring bug, it happened after I press the tab button to open up the pipboy, the thing is the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive and the only button I can press is esc and fast travel, but even if u fast travel it won’t work unless u log out which is really annoying.

Overall I was really surprised that the game is in a good and interesting shape with all the criticism. I couldn’t cover all the good things that were added to the game but there are lots more of interesting stuff! I just had to focus on the main points.

At 40$ I think it’s a good game to buy especially with all the content and virtually unlimited playable hours. I am really hopeful for the wastelander update. I believe the heavy criticism was helpful to push the limits of the game, but at the same time it forbade a lot from experiencing this game for themselves and only got to see the negative aspects of it. Even the youtubers who enjoyed the game found it hard to praise it due to the hate train. I never once expected that I will praise this game. Hopefully we can all learn a lesson from this, I thankfully did.

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