I just had a server practically to myself for nearly two hours.

fallout 3 - I just had a server practically to myself for nearly two hours.

My bro and I were doing Primal Meats, and no one else showed up. The good one, too, with the bees and the Yaoi Guais. Thought it was kind of odd, cause people normally like that one even if they don't care about Prime meat, since the exp is good and often a legendary.

I realized at some point there was only 1 other camp. I decided to do a WS run, since it looks like I'm going to have it to myself. Camp owner is in Alpha. After I'm done, and at the train station, I see camp owner launching a nuke at White Springs. Only me and my brother, and this other guy on the server. I decide to let the guy have WS to himself, since it's such a treat when it happens. The BBQ pops, I head over there, no one else shows up. I get my scrip and wait for a few, but no one comes out of the woodwork. I decided to do an Impersonator Sheepsquatch, because I've read that even if you don't take the pylons, a gamma gun can still kill it. Pro-tip, it doesn't. Didn't even take the slightest bit if health off. Bro says I'm crazy and gets the fuck out of Dodge. But I'm realizing that the event by myself just killing the other robots is a decent bit of exp, and get a level out of it. Bro is tired of playing, other guy still running WS. Bro leaves game. Just me and the other person left.

SO I decided, because what the heck why not, to see if I can run Charlie, and take down the Queen by myself. I still need that challenge of killing her. Maybe this is my chance? Maybe the other guy will help when he sees the nuke notification. Maybe there's other people on the server that will exit sneak long enough to join the SBQ fight. Either way, I'm bored and at over 1000 hours, I mean, why not, right? Takes me over an hour to get through the silo. I've made it in 45-ish minutes before, but was dying a lot tonight for some reason. I noticed about halfway through that the other person wasn't at WS anymore. His camp had gone off the map, too. I make it through, launch my nuke.


I get to the SBQ, and realize VERY much to my dismay that the 8 Prime Plasma cores that I was relying to get me at least somewhat into the Queen, were mostly empty. I'm reloading and reloading and getting 10-12 shots out of each core. I'm pretty mad at myself for not checking before I went through the silo, but whatever it's too late, I'm committed to this fight. I run through all 8 almost dead cores in about a minute. I think to myself, "self we got 24 minutes, lets run to Watoga and make more cores." I run over there, not risking a FT because I don't know how many times I've lost a server trying to FT to Watoga after a Queen fight. I get there, and only have enough lead to make 2 prime cores. AHHHH. 1000 shots, not nearly enough. I decide fuck it I'm just going to give all I've got.

I'm running a bloody plasma, and I get her nearly to half and I'm thinking, "holy shit this might work!" when my plasma breaks. Ok, I've got repair things, I repair it. But of course I die. Respawn, she's back at full health. I empty my cores into her anyway, but don't get her back down to half again, before I die again.

Then the server crashed.

All in all I had a great time. I got 1.5ish levels in around 3 hours. I killed a whole ton of robots. I finally made it to level 200!And next time I have a server to myself, I'm gonna check my Prime Plasma Cores before I try again, but I will definitely try again.

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