I just need a quick Fallout 76 rant to cool my jets

fallout 2 - I just need a quick Fallout 76 rant to cool my jets

I play this game because my best friend loves it and we're both from West Virginia. I was incredibly excited and now am heinously disappointed, and were it not to make my best friend happy I would not be playing it. Today I decided to spend a few hours repairing, getting adhesive and building a settlement, because it's taken me a week to get over the fact the one I spent forever building and looked amazing was gone the very next login, and it won't let me put blueprints for a basic 4×4 square building down anywhere.


The settlement building in this game is RIDICULOUS. The plans are extreme (why do I need plans to build an ashtray? Why can I build a blue version of a wall but not a red one? A tato plant but not a mutfruit? A massive throne like armchair but not a RUG?!), they're almost entirely random (I've got 4 plans for a chemistry workbench and 3 for a barbed cane or whatever). The snapping is.. I've never been more frustrated in a game before, ever. And I've played some doozies. I thought Fallout 4 was bad.. I accidentally deleted a wall instead of a bear rug on this structure I built today, and no matter what I did or removed, it wouldn't let me put it back. I had to dismantle my whole structure, before learning I couldn't dismantle the central stairwell or add anything else back to it. To make the floating stairwell disappear, I had to spend caps to move my camp and then move it back. What is with this new 'can't put this here it's not supported' even if it IS supported? Why add even more rules to the system, is the game not meant to be fun? It still hasn't stopped the legion of floating houses I've seen, but I can't add a post under a floorboard?!

I'm taking a long fu*king break if I ever come back to it at all. Sorry to my friend, you'll have to go solo.

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Just needed to make my thoughts public for some reason, helps you cool the hell off. Jesus, Bethesda, what the fu*k were you smoking?

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