I just want to share this little story with yall

fallout 3 - I just want to share this little story with yall

New Vegas was my first Fallout game. I was enraptured by Fallout 3 when I found out about it shortly before the release of New Vegas. The thought of an RPG combined with a first person shooter was almost too much for my young, teenage mind to handle while knowing there was no way I could play it. I was watching lets plays,(this is just a dumb tangent but why are all the popular lets players so bad? I used to watch people with tons of game knowledge and good senses of humor like HCBailly and Lancun while people like pew die pie was skyrocketing in popularity while just dicking around with a LOL SO RANDUMB attitude) reading gamefaqs and completely failing to pirate any of the games.

I loved fallout despite having never played any of the games. I suppose it didn't hurt that, at the time, I was terrified of possible imminent and unstoppable nuclear annihilation and this gave me an outlet from which to vent it. Post apocalyptic fiction was brand new to me and the humor, alongside the subject matter, of Fallout 3 clicked just right with me to ease that feeling of looming doom that infects a young mind after learning that it could all end at any moment because some equipment goes faulty, somebody makes a mistake or, more likely, a bizarre combination of both.

On my 16th birthday I got a copy of Fallout New Vegas from my then-stepfather. I'd never discussed fallout with anyone IRL and he said he got it for me "because it looked cool". I was ecstatic. I had the newest game in a franchise I was crazy about. I installed it and it wouldnt even start. My PC was absolute garbage, struggling to run even the most basic and outdated games>!(at the time all I did was play on BYOND, a platform for developing, hosting and playing games because at the time, googling "-insert anime here- mmorpg" would take you to a game on BYOND, and since I was such an introverted fuck all my stepdad knew was that i played on my computer all the time)! < . I, being the demon bastard of a child I was, put strain on my mother to get me a computer that could run it for christmas. She did, and it ran at a whopping 15 fps with a second of delay between inputs and gameplay controls.


And I fucking loved it. I played over 600 hours like that. I experienced all the different ways to complete quests and all the ways they impacted other quests and did so with every type of build and karma inclination possible. It was hundreds more after learning about the console and all the possibilities associated with it. And hundreds more after learning about mods and how to use them.(good lord, I loved New Vegas Bounties. I caught up with it a while ago and they were on part 3 and it added a whole new map! That shit was awesome. I loved how it could work with any playthrough because everyone you were tasked to kill was a complete scumbag. My only regret, honestly, is that I'll never get to see what happened with all that ) I had spent well over a thousand, maybe 2, exploring New Vegas' Mojave wasteland and I thought i knew the game inside and out. One night I was proven completely wrong.

As a teenager does, I ended up experimenting with an amount of alcohol that would repulse anybody that enjoys a morning without headaches and nausea. It was then, after the house was clear and I was completely smashed, that I decided another new character would be cool. I wanted something that would be easy to use while I was drunk. A melee character came to mind immediately so i decided on that. But how so? Sneaky ninja or resourceful warrior? Unarmed or melee? Crits with high luck or dump luck for the heavy handed trait? It was then I decided to do something that, while I didnt know it at the time, I had never done before. I completely dumped intelligence.

I'd never done this before and in hindsight its obvious why. Intelligence is a prerequisite for a lot of important perks and speech checks as well as the determinate stat for the base points of the most useful skills in the game. Only an idiot would set intelligence as 1.

I was the idiot. I spent a whole night thinking I was hallucinating, dreaming or some combination of the two. Everything was perfectly familiar but I was seeing options and hearing voice lines I'd never heard before in this game I had spent so long playing. I woke up the next morning thinking that's what happens when you get drunk. Until i loaded up the same character and eventually stumbled upon another low-int-specific speech option where I thought I had already gone through all possibilities multiple times, then I realised just how deep this game was.

Thanks for reading my rambling, cant wait to hear what you have to say

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