I just wanted to mod the heck out of Power Armors for reasonable prices and today I served 100th survivor on my PA stop, The Lord’s Power Armorstein

fallout 5 - I just wanted to mod the heck out of Power Armors for reasonable prices and today I served 100th survivor on my PA stop, The Lord’s Power Armorstein

It all started just a few months ago, when i was server hopping recklessly to get some mods for my brand new X01 set. I wanted a jetpack real bad, and kept hopping continuously to find one. Yet, the luck wasn’t on my side. After hours of hopping and frustration, I ended up buying the jetpack from someone else for a ridiculously high caps fee of 4K. And it hurt. It hurt real bad to spend all the hard earned caps on a single piece of item that was supposedly be available for just a few hundred caps. I kept hopping for other mods like calibrated shocks, and in the meanwhile i had the opportunity to gather some cool rare mods for X01. So I decided to create posts on market subs, trying to sell the mods i found for reasonable prices. I didn’t want people to spend their hard earned caps for a jetpack as i did back then. I also wanted to earn some caps, as i was envying all those successful vendors out there selling serums, armors and weapons. I was just an average casual player, didn’t have many opportunities to find cool serum recipes or that so called god roll two handers. So I continued, and expanded my selection of mods for other power armors too. My 599 caps PA mod store was doing well then, as I had over 40 unique mods available to offer.

After a while, sustaining an inventory has become very overwhelming. Around 200 pounds of my stash was filled with almost every single mod that i could find on vendors like harpers ferry, and BOS vendor in Watoga. I had 1 single character and didn’t bother with muleing as many others do, so I decided to expand my business and start offering crafting services. It wasn’t an easy task. Plans were not available as it is today and i had to pursue every single plan i could find on trading subs. Treasure hunting did help a lot during the process, as i was purchasing maps from anyone that i encounter on the wasteland. Right before the January patch, I could craft most highly sought pieces in the game like calibrated shocks and jetpacks, special thanks to few new friends helped me a lot on the way with their queen farming and treasure hunting.

Today, I can craft almost every single mod available in the game for each and every one of power armors. I re invested all my caps on new plans and materials to expand my services. Now, from Excavator to Ultracite, T51b to Raider, I have them all except a few. I’ve been serving many people with prices as low as 500 caps using their mats and also trying to keep up an inventory to help those who lack the necessary materials. Thus, I’ve been offering free modding specials each week, where for instance this week I craft Excavator Calibrated shocks for free to whomever supply the required materials.


I have this small notepad on my desk and numerous spreadsheets where i keep track of material costs for armors, my inventory and items that i serve. I discovered that earlier today, I served 100th friend (I hate the word customer) with their power armor needs. Seeing my business grow up to this level feels great, and I’m even happier when I see the people I serve happy and be vocal with their satisfaction. I even had this ‘dad’ reaching me on reddit saying that his 9 year old wants a jetpack and whether i could help him with that. Encounters like this make my day, and I feel the enjoyment that kid is having after he got hands on that beautiful T51b jetpack with the nuka cola paint on it.

TL; DR, I just wanted to share how I become a top PA vendor on PS4 and would like to thank you all for making this community as great as it could ever be. I’d like to leave you all with my elevator pitch I use to introduce my services and would welcome you on my little Campenstein if you need anything.

Hello and Welcome to Lord’s Armorstein ! Your favorite stop when it comes to mighty Power Armors! Lord can craft almost every other mod available in the game for your Ultracite, Excavator, T-45, T-51b, and T-60 power armor sets, in exchange for a small caps fee and materials. Don’t forget to check Lord for free specials. There is always a free modding special available, and today’s special item is Excavator calibrated shocks! If you bring your materials, Lord will craft you Excavator calibrated shocks for free! Hurry up before the special ends!

Modifying an armor is an art of surviving and Lord would like to mod the heck out of your power armor. Thus, every available mod on Lord’s Armorstein other than the free special is available for just 500 caps when you supply the required materials to craft that particular mod. Feel free to ask about the mod that you are looking for and what materials are required to craft it. If you don’t have a power armor set, Lord has got you covered too while supplies last. Just name it and Lord will craft you a fully repaired, max durability set with his enhanced +22 intelligence.

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