So begins the long, rambling tale of finding, for what many of us have come to believe, is just a Myth in this game. Yesterday was a good day for me in the wasteland as I finally got a bit of luck and scored a set of Calibrated Shocks for my X-01 PA. Yes, a set, as in 2. I have religiously and relentlessly server farmed the game since I got my Enclave armor more than 135 levels ago. I spent 8 hours server hopping one long ago day, convinced by the lucky ones that I could do it in 7 or 8 jumps, cause you know, the odds will eventually catch up you. Not me. I am singularly the unluckiest person to ever play this game, I'm sure. Took me to lvl. 100 or so before I got my first explosive weapon, and it was just a SSE shotgun ( I still have it, use it, love it ). Anyway, I digress as old men are want to do.


I was doing the daily grind which usually starts with me at the WS servants entrance. I didn't go down to the bunker as is my norm because I had some lvl 10 guns and ammo from the night before and headed over to Flatwoods to drop them off for lower levels to use or higher levels to sell, never quite sure what happens to 'em. I jumped up to Morgantown to drop a couple more and my game froze up. Restarted and it couldn't place my camp, so I jumped again and got an infinite loading screen. Jumped again and finally got a server that liked me. By this time I had forgotten why I was in Morgantown and just headed to the Enclave vendor posthaste. I scrolled to the mods tab and low and behold, "CALIBRATED SHOCKS" right there in my face. I got so stoked, I purchased them without putting on my Hard Bargain perk. I took it as a minor annoyance of my own design of course. Not trusting the server Gods to give me a break, I installed them right then and there. So now I am happy, but resigned for another 100+ levels of searching for the second one for my left leg. I mean, Calibrated Shocks should mean there are at least 2 don't you think? Well I only have a couple more hours to play before the wifey gets home, so I decide to spend it server hopping, cause you know, the odds and all that. I make about 6 jumps and get a nuked zone, put my armor back on, ran the zone for some pretty cool Legendary wood and even a 3 star meat hook, sold 'em and got back to hopping. On about number 9 or 10, I scrolled to the mod tab and OMG, there they are again. This time I popped a grape mentat, installed the proper perk card and got a better deal. So now I am complete and the game is going my way because I can lug around my 2 shot prime mini, my Endangerol syringer and the ammo for both and not have to jump to camp everytime someone wants to piss off the SBQ, and still collect more junk than I possibly need. Now I can turn my attention to other Mythic equipment of the Wasteland.

Now for those of you who actually read through all this, I get it that I could have just posted "Finally got my X-01 Calibrated Shocks!" and it would have been enough, but for me this was a Big Deal and just as exciting as the time I had 3 scorched beasts, their minions, a Lvl. 90 something Deathclaw and about 1/2 the guest house ghouls on me at The Whitesprings. I survived that, but that's another story……………Oh yeah, I did eventually go back to Morgantown and drop off the guns and ammo.

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