I let go of the grind and now this game is fun again.


This post is for the folks burnt out on FO76 due to the constant grind. If this isn't you or you don't mind the grind well then as R. Kelly said… "I don't see nothing wrong with a little bump 'n grind".

I see a lot of posts on here about players losing their joy in this game due to the constant grinding. While there is a lot left to be desired in FO76, I've recently started to really enjoy the game again and thought I would share my experience. If this game feels flat to you because of the constant grinding, my advice boils down to the following: just let go of the grind. All of it, stop caring so much about legendaries, currencies, optimized builds, seasons, etc. Try dressing your character however you want, use some random non-legendary weapon, and just play the game as if you were a noob again: exploring, surviving, and immersing yourself into the world. Maybe even create a backstory for your character if RPG is your thing. You will start having more fun as you come across random lore in the world and focus less on dailies/scrip.

My personal experience making the game fun again.

As a casual gamer FO76 was really fun at first. Exploring the world at early levels was the best gaming experience I've had in years. But somewhere along the line I found myself more concerned about marginally refining my stealth commando build and grinding the same locations and events for scrip, bullion, XP , etc. This started to happen around level 75 and caused the game to became monotonous due to the self-sustaining cyclical play-style. At a certain point I just wasn't enjoying the game anymore. When this happened I stopped playing for about a month.


I came back to the game because as a Dark Tower fan I wanted to turn my character into a Roland Deschain-esque persona. Basically, a flawed chaotic-good guardian of all that is right about and in the world. So with this in mind I came back to the game and retired the Chinese stealth armor (btw- being invisible all the time gets boring AF), put the FFR Furious Fixer with +50 crit dmg back into storage and built myself a… Pipe Revolver lol. Then with a new backstory and sense of mission for my character… I started wandering in the name of all that is right with Appalachia!

Freeing my gameplay from the admittedly self-imposed "need" to use "X" legendary armor or "Y" perk combo made the game feel so much bigger. I didn't even respec when going from stealth commando to Pipe pistol. Because.. who cares? lol. The game feels much richer now. At level 200 I feel the same sense of wander when playing the game that I did at level 10.

If you are tired of the grind try just letting it go. It will require some imagination, but that is ok.

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