I Like Fallout 76 – for what it is.

fallout 4 - I Like Fallout 76 - for what it is.

Basically, I just wanted to say that – when it works – 76 is great, dumb fun. No, it's not the game we wanted, but come on, there is absolutely no way in hell that this game represents the next step in Fallout's evolution.

Is it a quick cash grab? Maybe. Is it still fun to d*ck around in with friends? Yeah. For me at least.

Trust me, I completely understand the negative feedback to the game. It should work better. But Bethesda did warn us that they don't necessarily know how exactly this is going to pan out. And I'm pretty sure because of that, along with the feedback they're getting, the game will be improved over time. Will that be too little too late? Eh, I dunno. Only time will tell. Of course because of that feedback, this game can also just be dropped completely by the devs. Once again, how's back to the whole "only time will tell" thing.

Look at No Man's Sky. That game was an absolute disaster at launch. And now it's finally a fun game. Hopefully it doesn't take 76 to reach that status.


I know, the biggest issue is it doesn't feel like Fallout. I don't like that either. It's missing a LOT. There should be more life in the wasteland and it's such a shame that there isn't because, man, I do enjoy exploring Appalachia. Maybe I enjoy this game because I never played any of the games 76 is a supposed clone of (Rust, DayZ, etc.) but like I said, when it's not crashing or glitching in some way, I'm having a good time. Of course, this game does absolutely suck when alone and has a lot of things that irk me (why the fu*k can't I have unlimited space in my stash?)

In all honesty, I want this game to be improved and supported, as long as actual care is put into it. You can tell me that "I'm what's wrong with gaming today" by supporting these "tyrants". But to me, I'll just be a dude who enjoys video games. And at the end of the day, fun is what matters.

Read:  Fallout 76 really started to tick me off after the 9 hours of gameplay last night, now I am kind of unsure of it.

So, if you don't like the game, I can totally understand why. Though at the same time, for those of us who are enjoying it, don't shit on our parade please. I paid my $60 and I wanna do my best to get my money's worth.

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