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So I guess I'm pretty late with this review, but I only just got FS. I usually look forward to Fallout releases and I've been playing since way, way back… actually I even played Wasteland back in the '90s before Fallout 1 even came out. But the concept of 76 doesn't appeal to me and, you know, the reviews aren't stellar, so I decided to get Fallout Shelter to see what it is. I'm not exactly a "gamer." I work full-time and I have several major hobbies (art and music) so I just don't have a lot of time for games. BUT I always make time for Fallout games and my other gaming love, Civilization (that's another sub I know).

Thing is, I'm a parent of little boys who are too young to play Fallout. But they're always curious about my Fallout shirts and they know I like the game, and they like games in general too. But they're 6 and 8 years old and the younger one is a sensitive kid to scary stuff and violence, and so I'm not going to show them any full Fallout PC games for a few more years.


So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that FS is a decent game for little kids. The violence is cartoonish and silly, and the sexual innuendo is pretty tame too, so my kids don't quite get what is going on. I also like that it's a complex game, but not so complex that a kid wouldn't get it, and when they get stuck it's fairly easy for me to explain to them what's going on. It's still pretty hard for them to grasp but I think after a couple weeks playing every now and then, they'll get it.

Visually, I love it. This might make me sound old but it's so crazy that you can get such nice linear perspective and detail in a device you can hold in your hand, orders of magnitude better than the biggest, most expensive computers 20+ years ago when I started playing PC games.

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It's kind of hard for all three of us to play at the same time, but it feels cool to be a dad with two boys sitting on my lap and we're collaboratively learning how to build our vault and fight bad guys.

Is this the sort of game I'd want to play if I weren't a dad playing with kids? Probably not.

Is it a fun way to spend time with my kids, thinking through creative solutions to problems, and introducing them to the Fallout franchise without exposing them to too much darkness, violence, and sex? Yes. That's a really fun part of it.

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