I love Fallout 76. [LONG STORY]

fallout 3 - I love Fallout 76. [LONG STORY]

I want to share this because I don't think my friends understand how I feel.

Back in 2015, I played a lot of Fallout 4 and Skyrim. I modded both of them a lot and I really enjoyed them. 2015 was the year I really looked up to these 2 games. I used to only play GTA 5, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege. But there was something special about these games. I love the random encounters and combat in Fallout 4, that was what made it special for me and I also love the Skyrim modding community.

When I first watched the Fallout 76 trailer, I was really hyped but at that time I was playing Destiny 2 until March this year. I didn't notice the hate and negativity it was getting. In April, I decided to take a break from Destiny 2 and it was time for me to play Fallout 76. I asked my friends to join me but from where I am from, my friends seem to only enjoy League of Legends. Feeling alone, I still decided to try Fallout 76 by myself.

When I reached my level 20s, I was really in love with this game, everyday I wanted to improve myself in this game, I decided to ask my friends again. And they would go on and say stuff like, "I thought the game failed", "it sucks", "the youtube reviews are bad". I didn't believe them until I saw it myself on YouTube. Fallout 76 was getting so much hate. There is even one saying "FALLOUT 76 IS DEAD!". I was shocked. How was this game dead? We got people dropping ammo and meds for the new players, players teaming together to farm legendary gear, an LFG discord for trading and finding teams. And I got one guy who helped me built my first base when he saw that my base were just weapon and tinker workbench at the side of the road xD.


Right now I made it to level 180 with decent legendaries and everyday I try to help new players and since there is a free trial and discount on the game, I'm also giving out my extra .38, .45, .44 and 10mm ammo to help the new players get started. I don't ever want to see this game die, I don't care what my friends say. I'm happy right now because I made my own decision. I didn't listen to the media and let them make my decision for me like all my friends did.

So this is my story. I love Fallout 76, an online Fallout game is a really beautiful idea, I'm sure it will be even better when human NPCs come out and I'm happy that the players here are not listening to the hate and negativity. Keep those RADS low everyone. I'll see you in the wasteland! :>

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