I made a smash moveset for lily bowen if thats ok..

fallout 4 - I made a smash moveset for lily bowen if thats ok..

Name: lily bowen

Series: fallout new vegas


Icon: the ncr helmet from the soldier in the games intro

Color swap palettes: rahther then colors shed have the assorted armors you can see on other mutants (aka an excuse cause i couldnt think about colors)

Intro: the courier points at something and runs offscreen as lily pulls out leo

Stand animation: looks around

Attacks: (How will your fighter attack?)

A: spear poke

AA: bat swing

AAA: overhead slam

A Side: hammerfist

A Dash: shoulder slam

A Down: ground skimming swing

A Up: swings upward

Air Neutral: a quick spinning kick

Air Forward: stabs overhead like a scorpion

Air Back: shoves with the handle

Air Up: jabs upward

Air Down: drops down like links down but instead of bouncing she grounds if you hit the sweetspot

Charge Smash Side: a heavy right hook with her gauntlet

Charge Smash Up: FORE!

Charge Smash Down: spins like the mauler attack

Grab: choke

Dash Grab: pounces

Grabbed animation: stares confused

Grab A: smacks wtih the flat part of leo

Throw Forward: pitches

Throw Back: football hike

Throw Up: tosses upward before hitting them up with leo like a tennis racket

Throw Down: stomps on them

Shield: sits down for a sec

Shield Break: falls over

Dodge Forward: walks past

Dodge Back: steps back

Dodge Down: ducks

Dodge Air: flails

Up Taunt: takes her medicene


Side Taunt: talks to leo (some of the random lines we can hear out of her during combat)

Down Taunt: spins leo like a baton

B Moves: (What will your fighters B special moves and customs moves be?)

Normal B: chop (a rushing swing with little knockback but extreme damage balaneced by her slowness)

Side B: assault carbine (pulls out her assault carbine goes in to ranged mode during this hold A to fire and b again to stop you can fire up to 5 seconds straight before shes forced back to normal)

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Down B: stealth girl (goes stealth making he)

Up B: heave ho! (a quick jumping upward swing giving good hight but it leaves her in a fall state)

Final Smash: (Your fighter got the Smash Ball! What will happen?)

K.O Sound 1: no!

K.O Sound 2: not good…

Star K.O Sound: n/a

Screen K.O Sound: ach!

Victory Theme: the last bit of big irons instrumental

Victory Poses: (How will your fighter celebrate they're victory?)

Option 1: spins leo like a baton before sticking it in the ground leaning on it like a cane

Option 2: sits down and listens to her old holotape

Option 3: looks around confused beofre the courier runs up and drags her off (gotta keep grandma out of trouble XD)

Lose Pose: unconsious

Classic Mode credits theme: big iron instrumental

Classic mode picture: her tending to the bighorners

All-star mode credits theme: welcome to the strip instrumental

All-star mode picture: wanderig with the courier and rex

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