Fallout 1

I need your help to solve a mystery I found in-game.

fallout 6 - I need your help to solve a mystery I found in-game.

I was walking around with my friends when I reached Sutton. Before going into the town, I saw a truck full of Nuka Cola bottles with a dog house next to it. The doghouse contained a box that requires ‘Clara’s Key’ to open. There was also a note next to it from Clara to her mother. It basically said that Clara’s Mother became addicted to a new type of Nuka Cola that was being tested. I believe this Nuka Cola is in that box, and I want to get it. We searched all of Sutton, to no avail. We searched a bar in the Ash Heap that contained a note from the same person; Clara Webber. However this note did not relate to this mystery at all. We decided to next siege the Nuka Cola factory, as she was an employee there. We found another note to her co worker, saying she took everything home to Sutton after realizing the horrors of what was happening at Nuka Cola. We discovered a taste testing area, which lead to nothing sadly. There was however a locker which required a key that we haven’t found. We found another note from a manager saying he was on vacation in Watoga. With this being our only lead, we checked all of Watoga, to find nothing new. This is where any of you can come in. We need help to figure this thing out. Our only current lead is the locker in the Nuka Cola factory which could lead us to the next clue. If any of you would like to help just explore the locations I talked about in the post and try and find things, so we can all enjoy a new Nuka Cola product. Thanks for reading!

TL:DR I found the beginning of a mystery which led me around the map to try and find clues. Now I’m stuck and need your help.

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    Feb 16, 2019 4:33 pm


    They talk about where to find it. It’s in Cranberry bog. I Googled how to find it and came across your post

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