I owe my life to a Vile Tick

fallout 7 - I owe my life to a Vile Tick

So, I was leveling up one of my alts in the mire earlier and I ran into a cave, curious to see what was inside. I was holding off some brood mothers, before I found out what was truly hosted in this cave: A Deathclaw Matriarch.

Keep in mind: My alt is level 40, and his build involves not using power armor. Now, what was interesting about this cave is that it wasn't a typical cave that was locked behind a loading screen- you just walked in. Naturally, anything can walk out too. So I ran, the Matriarch right on my tail. I thought I outran her, but in the midst of a three-way melee between scorched, super mutants, and me, she decided to pop in. I panicked, and she ran towards me again. I tried to flee again, but given that I used all my AP to VATS the enemies, I ran out pretty quick. I was in striking distance with the Martriarch until-

A lone, Vile Tick jumped from the bushes, and bit the Matriarch. I wasn't sure if Ticks have Serendipity or if it was dodging, but the Matriarch's swings weren't hitting it. Thanks to it, I got my AP back and sprinted to safety. I was saved by a Vile Tick.


Unfortunately, my friends, whose attention was caught by my mention of a Deathclaw Matriarch, fast traveled to me and looked around. They saw no Deathclaw, but they did see a lone Vile Tick.

(I honestly have no idea where the matriarch went.)

My friend started shooting at it as I cried out:

"Jimmy! No!!!"

I had named this tick 'Jimmy' in that moment. My friend didn't listen, and shot anyway. Jimmy bit my friend, but before my friend could land the killing blow, I pulled out my .44 Revolver, and shot a crit at Jimmy. I figured if he were to go, he'd at least want it to be me.

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My friends have been laughing at me for half an hour as I grieve for my fallen hero.

Rest in Peace, Jimmy. I'll never forget you.

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