I Played Fallout 76 4 times

fallout 7 - I Played Fallout 76 4 times

I never picked it up during release due to it being online based and me not having a ps plus membership. However, my friends got me a copy of the game and a ps plus subscription last Christmas and I was excited to be able to play with them.

I enjoyed creating a character, but that was really the extent of my enjoyment with the game. The intro made it seem like I was on a quest to find the overseer, but the further I got into it I realized it was just a set up to inform the player you’d be applying what the overseer learned in the wastes just to craft items for no reason, and that was the extent if the plot? Does this game have an ending or an end goal at some point? It seems like it’s just an expansive version of the settlement feature of fallout 4 that I completely ignored due to my personal uninterest in it.

I also couldn’t invite or join my friends game while they were online playing it, and I’m not sure if that was me doing something wrong or if the game doesnt allow you to play with friends of your choosing.

There was probably about a max of 10 people I did see at any given point while playing, all randos, but there had to be thousands of people playing the game at that point, so i didnt really understand where everyone was at, nor did I interact with them as they were doing their own quests i guess.


The quest item holotapes and such i picked up that i thought were important kept respawning? Maybe because other players needed to pick it up too, but that caused me to repeat sections multiple times since i kept trying to explore and then go back to the quest. Also The multiple quest markers at one time didnt help me to identify what was the main questline at all, and the limited run quests just added to the confusion when they popped up.

Ultimately i was confused about what I was doing, why I was doing it, and where I was going. And im not even going to touch On the handicapped battle system they have with VATS for dummies. I played the game about 4 times before going back to new vegas and just buying the expansions. Just to take Obsidian out of this equation, if we want to just compare Bethesda works then I much prefer fallout 3 or 4 to 76.I feel like they failed on all fronts for a fallout online game, as I had like 10 people on the same game with me and I couldnt even play with my friends that got me the game.

Is there anyone still playing this? What merits continuing? My ps plus sub has run out at this point and I dont really care to continue.


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