I posted this in the filthycasual fallout 76 community. And was suggested by a user to post it here (small amount of wastelanders spoilers)

fallout 6 - I posted this in the filthycasual fallout 76 community. And was suggested by a user to post it here (small amount of wastelanders spoilers)

1) Wendigos are consider ghouls therefore ghoul slayers should work against them.

2) Earle is a wendigo technically so he should be slightly weaker to ghoul slayers stuff.

3) Fog Crawlers, Hermit Crabs, Anglers, Gulper's, and basically anything that lurks in the Mire or was from Far Harbor DLC that is fishy like. Exterminator's should work for em.

4) Turrets are technically robots. Troubleshooters should work for 'em.

5) Feral ghouls, Mole Miners, Wendigos, Super Muties, and anything else evolved (or devolved) from humans should take half or quarter damage from assassins. Because they are still technically human.

6) You should be able to plant PUMPKINS. 20 minute rant on why pumpkins should be farmable Like jesus. I wanna be able to make pumpkin pie without having to leave my camp.

7) You should be able to earn the trust of a faction back if you decide to take all the gold. (I kept all the gold from Meg because i was like: i need this. But now i wish i had given her the half i promised caz i am sick of everyone talking crap at Crater) Like, god I am sorry. You even agreed with me that anyone in this faction would of done the same thing. How can i make it up to you?

8)There should be a special stash where you can put stuff in (it has its own carry weight value) and if you swap characters you can take it out as another character. Making it to where you dont need a friend to help you move stuff to your mule or just an item you want to your main or secondary.

9) MORE SCRIPT, MORE GOLD, MORE CAPS A DAY. Plz. At least more script..

10) Bethesda should ask for your birthday (once you put it in you can't change it) and on it a special NPC comes to your camp and gives unique types of presents that cant be traded which drop special items like plans, recipes, aid items, maybe confetti grenades. And on your birthday you get discounts for all vendors (not gold though). And if you make something in your camp and activate it, once per server it will start an event called "Birthday Party". Where people can come to your camp and basically get free cake and maybe like some form of goodie bag after the event ends and they can wish you a happy birthday. (Reason this one is so long is caz my birthday is soon. Lol. Maybe a little too excited)


11) You should be able to give you camp Ally a weapon. Nothing crazy just something other then whatever their default is. And they defend the camp from enemies. Like limit them to like small arms or rifles. Nothing like a fat man or minigun. And they should have the settler infinite ammo thing

12) People should get a bounty for killing your Brahmin. Just leave Bessy alone. She is there for brahmin milk.

13) There should be a camp item called an Apiary where you can get periodic honey and other bee stuff, like honeycomb, royal jelly, ect. But with a chance of a bee swarm spawning.

14) More of an extension to the pumpkin one. More plans should be growable. But one thing per plant so you can like grow one Blight at your camp, one fire cap, one bloodleaf (if you have water). Basically to make it where if i am doing my daily for Biv I don't have to go out of my way to find something that is on another side of the map. Like blight. The only thing that should be exempt is Kaleidopore flower. For like the recipes we all know but never make.

15) There should be a tree where it generates glowing resin on it periodically. Kinda another extension of the one above but more like 13.

16) Make ash rose easier to see for god sakes.

17) bigger stash…. Please….

18) There should be an Anti Cryptid legendary effect. Which would work against Wendigos, Sheepsquatch, Grafton Monsters, Megasloth (they are considered Cryptids), Flatwoods Monster, The Moth God, Snallygasters (hate these things) and any other.

19) IDC what they are i just want Mutant Slayers or something to work on those fricken Floaters. I hate them. And i wish if you crippled their head they would fall to the ground and have to crawl (because their air sac thing). Because if i had a nickel for everytime one of those things have ruined my day. I could buy a nintendo switch. Plus they hang out with Super Muties so they should be grouped with em.

20) More camp budget. There is just so much cool stuff i want in my camps but the damn budget

Feel free to comment what you agree/disagree with. And think and share your own suggestions/complaints.

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