I spent 6+ hours coming up with a junk run so you don’t have to!

fallout 3 - I spent 6+ hours coming up with a junk run so you don't have to!

Hey all, made a "guide" of sorts to help you reset your item spawn counter for world items while collecting useful junk. It was made just for friends, so it might be a little clunky, but I figured I'd share in case someone else could get some use out of it.

Disclaimer: I have Fallout 1st, so you might have to scrap more often, or bulk and sell excess junk to vendors.

Shout out to this other person's guide where I looked up most of the locations while planning my route:


This is mainly designed to reset the limit while collecting useful junk, and won't be the most efficient way of doing either on their own, I'm sure. It takes me about an hour to run, sprinting through areas and hoovering up all the junk I see. I put some item counts in there because I counted them all while planning, but you shouldn't have to count the items if you're trying to go fast. It just works.

Fast Travel to Vault 76 for a free starting point.

Fast Travel to Eastern Regional Penitentiary (8 Caps with Travel Agent). From the fast travel point face north and go along the left/west side of the building until you get to a hole in the wall. Take the can chimes and kill all the mutants in the prison yard. Traps don’t count toward item re-spawn limit. Pick up the 9 weights in the middle of the yard. Scrap them at the power armor station in the shack next to you.

Fast Travel to Site Bravo (7 Caps) and enter. Proceed straight to the workout area, and pick up the 16 weights. There are telephones on some of the desks for copper, and desk fans for loose screws.

Fast Travel to Sylvie & Sons Logging camp (9 Caps). Pick up the 34 wood piles around the tent and in the back of the truck.

Fast Travel to Pleasant Valley Ski Resort (10 Caps). Look for ski stands, and collect the skis for fiberglass and the poles for aluminum. I found 45ish total, but you can probable find more. There are some can chimes at the entrance for more lead. Scrap them at the weapons workbench in the tent between the resort and the Top of the World.

Fast Travel to Site Alpha (4 Caps). Repeat steps from Site Bravo. Another 16 weights and a couple telephones and fans.

Fast Travel to Sugar Grove (3 Caps). Go inside and pick up desk fans, clipboards, and pencils in the main lobby. I got about 28 items, but you could pick up more clutter.

Fast Travel to National Radio Astronomy Research Center (2 Caps). You’re looking for typewriters and desk fans. About 14 items.

Fast Travel to National Isolated Radio Array (2 Caps). Fans, Telephones, typewriters. 20ish items.

(Should be around 180 items total here; takes 180 to reset)

Fast Travel to West Tek Research Center (1 Cap). Get on the roof and look for paint cans and miscellaneous junk. About 15 items and a pie.


Fast Travel to Pylon V-13 (11 Caps). Head toward Abandoned Bog Town workshop. The building next to the workshop controls. Floor 2 up the fire escape has 11 bags of concrete. Get on the roof, drop down the elevator shaft, and this room has typewriters and miscellaneous office stuff. 20ish items. There’s another 20 or so items on the roof of the red rocket if you want leather.

Fast Travel to Watoga High School (6 Caps). First floor cafeteria and kitchen. TV dinner trays for aluminum, and plastic eatery. 150ish items.

(We’re at about 360 here. Server hop here.)

Fast Travel to the Monorail Elevator (7 Caps). Take the elevator to the top. Pick up the bags of concrete and weights. Extra junk optional. 25 items with concrete and weights.

Fast Travel to Site Charlie (9 Caps). Repeat steps from Site Bravo. Another 16 weights and a couple telephones and fans.

Fast Travel to the Whitespring Resort (6 Caps). Lots of vases in the dining area. About 50.

Fast Travel to Charleston Fire Department (12 Caps). Workout area has 14 weights. Scrap at weapons workbench.

Fast Travel to Camp McClintock (7 Caps). Clipboards. I picked up 26. There’s allegedly 35 here.

Fast Travel to Silva Homestead (9 Caps). The barn up the hill and the dome-tube hut barn thing to the west. 5 bags of chlorine, rat poison, 2 duct tapes, coolant. 20 or so items. Scrap at the weapons workbench in the tube barn.

Fast Travel to Green Country Lodge (7 Caps). 7 Weights. Scrap in Flatwoods at the weapons workbench at the first house on the right after the blue car.

(About 540 items here)

Bonus: Fast Travel to Summersville. First house on the right has 250+ burnt books in it to refresh your limit in one stop if there’s something specific you want to farm! Then server hop again and start over!

This doesn’t seem to reset the most recently picked up things right away. I went through the guide, and the bonus house, then tried to go back to Green Country Lodge (the last stop) and checked for weights. They weren’t there. Silva also hadn’t re-spawned. McClintock had clipboards and Charleston Fire Department had weights already though, so everything before that is fine. Going through the guide the second time, everything re-spawned along the way.

So that’s 120 caps and enough items to reset the counter 3ish times. Your character memory limit clears as you pick up items, but the server won’t spawn them again for several hours. Server hopping negates this. Bulk and sell extra junk to recoup the cost of the run.

Private worlds stay active with no one in them for 5-10 minutes after the last person logs out. Hop to Adventure, then back in the private world to reset it.

Hope this helps!

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