I still almost cry when I here Country Roads on Fo76’s radio. It has a simular effect to C418’s Sweden for very different reasons.

fallout 4 - I still almost cry when I here Country Roads on Fo76's radio. It has a simular effect to C418's Sweden for very different reasons.

The song reminds me of the roller coaster that intertwines with my life. The promises of story and detail and co-op experiences. Team work and rebuilding America. When this game was announced it was during one of the best periods of my life. I was so happy and this didn't hurt that. The amazing tease and spectacular show that Bethesda put more effort into than anything since. The rolling WV hills and forests. The fun quirks of Fallout with friends.

I was head of the train for all the hype. Always only seconds behind announcements. I was so excited as I've stated. I'm theorizing and they are relasing more and more trailers giving off a totally different vibe to the Faux Fallout they gace us. Even the sections of world shown were angled to look falloutier than they were.

I play the B.E.T.A, I'm fine with it. Honey moon period you know?

Well no. The game is disappointing. I'm trying to stay optimistic. And then my grandpa dies. Lots to unpack so imma throw the suitcase out but I was full of guilt and still am for these circumstances. So here we are. Dead grandpa, 6 months of hype for lies, and I continue to try and escape to WV to ease my pain and it fails. I get a lie of a game.

Instead I watch the trailer. Over and over. The original from the day the livestream stopped. God was it good. God did that game look good. Especially when we still thought it was single player. Country Roads accompanies all of this.


I hear Country Roads and am reminded of excitement and the joy of waiting for something and what the game double been. I imagine to sprawling hills and my story theories. I remember what Fallout 76 should've been, as it was shown to me during the best time of ny life, and also of it's failer and one of the worst times I've ever had.

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Country Roads, like Sweden, makes me long for somewhere to which I can never return. To go back go the WV of our minds in the good times before. And it lets me escape the crushing reality, that it will never go well in the end.

I'm level 66. Took a 3 month break, should be in the 100s without it. Grinding isn't what fallouts about but that's all I have so I tried to do it to respec. I got bored and regrettably tore down my camp and no longer have supplies or motivation to rebuild it. Without any of that I have no motivation to return for this DLC because after Faschnact and the others I don't trust it. And I know if I don't come back for this DLC ill never go back. Issues with OCD and ADHD mean one little issue in Fallout 4 has caused me to never be able to play it again. I fear this is the end for my favorite franchise. The games they've saved me and molded me. I'll miss them so much. But I'll always have Country Roads, visions of the WV hills and a dream, for what we could have had.

P.s. sorry im so tired my eyes are fuzzy this is probably rough.

P.p.s someome plz motivate me to return this week. Idk how. Plz.

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