I still love this game.

fallout 5 - I still love this game.

It’s a little disheartening when ur friends (most of whom have bought the game) tell u that ur one of the games u enjoy most playing with those friends is “getting a little boring”. At the moment for me most of my friends with plenty of hours too play don’t play because they find it boring or because they’re more interested in other games. But often I find that people are just not playing because the community says the game is bad. Today I was playing alone for the most part. Lone wanderer perk card equiped ready to scour the wasteland for goodies. My two friends who have still been playing (but don’t often get much time too play) were offline soo I decided too farm materials for them when they got back (ammo etc) while collecting the stuff too launch a missile from site alpha. Whilst collecting a code piece from an officer near sight Charlie I spotted someone wandering over too the little metal shack that led into the silo control room. A little startled but excited by the idea of a companion to help out with my 10 charisma points I jumped on over, re-equipping all my team perk cards. Dashing into the elevator and down into the base I find myself standing next too a level 100 in all excavator Power Armor. I’m only a level 50 and was a little worried he wouldn’t want my help but I went and asked anyway. After around 3 ish hours we had done 2 nuke launches and been in 3 zones. My internet was a little buggy so I got kicked a couple times but I got some great loot and had tons of fun! The guys showed me his base after the first nuke run and I was fascinated too see him using two resource nodes (as my camp only has 1) and then went on too my camp too modify my gear and stabilise my flux.


This was honestly the most fun I’ve had in a while and even with the laggy internet kicking me from the server every-so-often and the crashing from too many enemy’s and other game bugs it was still an enjoyable afternoon. Maybe if we were too give the devs some more time (not that we haven’t given them a bit already) I would be overjoyed too see the game at it’s full capacity! Just do me a favour and stop nagging too other people about how “bad” the game is because it doesn’t just affect the people who may or may not but the game, but the friends who end up not being able too play with their pals. Hats off too the people who engage with other people online though! (Lower and higher levels alike) it does make the game a lot more enjoyable for those “lone wanderers”.

(Also sorry for the long post but I genuinely had a good day today and wish more people would join me in the waste land. Catch ya later my fellow vault dwellers!)

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