I think we need to see Fallout 76 for the import stepping stone it is

fallout 7 - I think we need to see Fallout 76 for the import stepping stone it is

Fallout 76 is a controversial game. I personally don't see it as a bad game, so much as just a sort of empty one (then again I stopped playing after like 3 weeks and haven't gone back since so I'd have no idea if it's changed). But that's not what i'm here to discuss; because whether or not you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Fallout 76 is an important step for Bethesda when it comes to making future Fallouts.

Learning From Mistakes

Bethesda has always been very good at responding to criticisms and addressing them, in the next game that is. Considering that in most people's opinions nearly everything in Fallout 76 is a mistake (an exaggeration of course), they should be able to address almost all of it the next game. Take for instance the fact that it was multiplayer, we will probably never see multiplayer in any Bethesda Game Studios game from here on out. Lack of humans, once again an integral part they cut from the series and we will never see it again. Some people may say that Bethesda will not listen to criticism, to which I say that you are completely wrong. 76 made pretty much no money, and the only money it did make came from the Atomic Shop. Whether or not they want to change, Zenimax will not approve another Fallout if it doesn't show potential for making money, and another multiplayer fallout will not make a single dollar.

Facial Expressions

You remember that Fallout 4 mod? You know the one i'm talking about. This mod… the one that is deeply mortifying and the most hilarious thing in existence at the same time. It started off as an attempt to redo the facial expressions of NPCs and turned into an integral part of the mod lineup of anyone who wasn't serious about the game. Well if we look at the Photomode in 76, you will be able to see these rather convincing and well-made smiles, frowns and just every emotion you can think of. These may not work so well when moving but we don't know that yet, but for now at least i'm confident that this may transition into the facial expressions we never had, giving us a more immersive and all-round better world.

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Pretty Scenery


There is no denying that with a top-of-the-line console or buffed up PC 76 is truly Beautiful, well… the forest part of Appalachia was, the rest of the map; well it looked like how I'd envision a nuclear wasteland looked. Another important part is those swamp-y bits in the east, or the mountainous divide in centre, they lay down the foundation for a truly unique or diverse world (I'm saying that an Anchorage game has to come someday, since it played such a huge role Pre-War, a snowy environment would be utterly epic).

You've Got To Spend Money To Make Money

I think the biggest thing it teaches Bethesda, is that going cheap in development, rushing the game's development cycle, handing it off to your secondary team in a completely different state, will get you fuck-all in return. Fallout 4 made $14,910,000 (Every figure here is in USD), 3 made 9.94 mil, New Vegas returned a hefty 8.42, and of the recent main games, the lowest is 76 with a measly 2.46 Million USD. Fallout 4 may not of been the most critically acclaimed game of the series, but was a marketing success and truly brought the series into the AAA category. 76 was a marketing disaster and as a result might (with any luck) result in a firing of almost every single one of Bethesda's PR representatives, and the hiring of some more competent people (It may be a sad thought, but these people are solely responsible for Fallout 76's negative stigma, it wasn't supposed to be marketed as a main game, just as something small and insignificant that would satisfy Fallout fans until the next release, but they got greedy and crammed advertisements down the throat of everyone). Point is, Bethesda cheaped out with this one, and they have paid the price.

In summary, Fallout 76 will likely result in a legitimately good Fallout 5. And as much as I have talked shit about 76, I do like it, it just got a little boring and I haven't even played since December of last year so maybe this all changed i'm flat fucking wrong or maybe you agree with me I don't know I've always been bad at ending essays, which is what this effectively is. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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