I thought I found a decent base spot. I was wrong.

fallout 7 - I thought I found a decent base spot. I was wrong.

So I was wondering around the mountains and cliffs situated around the top of the world location. All was going fine, I was peacefully strolling through and jumping up and down cliffs to make my way forward. As I was doing this I eventually found a spot high up in the cliffs, with nothing but a majestic view of the map spread out beneath an impenetrable and unclimbable cliff face. There even was some grass so I could plant food and water purifiers. I finished building up, congratulating myself on my ingenuity. I’m a level 16 Xmas noob so this was quite the milestone for me. Suddenly, as I’m modding a shotgun, my turrets start shooting. Since I was pretty safe (I thought) I only had two set up from two possible entry points to the base. I got my placement correct, and one of the turrets was blasting a scorched officer. ‘No big deal, it’s just one scorched, probably just a random spawn’ I foolishly thought to myself. I dealt with the officer and got back to fixing up the base. The turrets go off again. ‘HUMANNN’ I hear, knowing full well what it was. I turned to see a super mutant tumble down a set of stairs in my base, my turrets did the job. ‘Nice’, I thought, and went on a daily quest. I came home some time later to find a pack of dogs just chilling in my base, turrets destroyed. ‘Fu*k, must have overwhelmed my turrets’ I thought, as I dispatched them. At this stage I felt it was time to log off.


I come back a few hours later and log in. I hear my turrets shooting. I hear dogs snapping. I hear scorched rasping cries. Most terrifyingly of all, I hear beating wings. I’m like what the fu*k, no way, it can’t be… It could be. And it was. A scorched beast, scorched victims and a pack of dogs were ravaging my base. I ran for my fu*king life and logged out. I logged back in hoping that they would be gone. They were. I rebuilt what was lost and relaxed. Until. The dogs. And scorched. And scorched beast. Came back. Again.

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My base went from looking like the perfect post apocalypse get away to what is essentially fallout 76’s version of American Khe Sahn base during the tet offensive. I love this shit.

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