I took the plunge and have no regrets. ( My FONV Migration Story)

fallout 5 - I took the plunge and have no regrets. ( My FONV Migration Story)

So I was play FONV on my xbox 1x and was getting upset about the bugs and work arounds I had to do. I just wanted it to work. So I told my self " You know other Rabid, you can just get it for pc. Your MSI eight thread laptop can play this game with out even breaking a sweat. "

So I did just that. I got it and all the dlc's then spent quite a few hours setting up the mods I wanted to use. ( Gotta make it look good you know, props to the mod devs. ) I have quite a bit of knowledge in this area so it was not to hard. Knowing when and what can be overwritten is key, along with LO. So I was playing it and I was like, " You know other Rabid, you can use an xbox 1 controller. Because you suck with KBM. " YEAS, worked like a charm did not even have to map it. Just plug and go.

Then the deity of wisdom bestowed upon mine mind the greatest of revelations. " Hey other Rabid, You know you have an HDMI port and a 4k tv? " Fu*kyeah.exe. I hooked that shit up fiddled around with the setting. I lose a bit of FPS but it is worth it to sit back in my lazyboy and game.


So any one out there on the ps or xbox. If you have a halfway good pc. ( or a beast of a laptop ) Just DO IT! You can still play console, if you want. But being able to fix bugs and all the other wonderful mods out there is worth buying FONV again. I am now eyeing FO3 and TTW. Man that looks good. Ok I'm going to go back to playing there is this strange thing at the drive in I gotta go check out. For science obviously.

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Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to put

up here for anyone who is having studdering or tearing. Best Tut for fixing it in FONV, I had a drastic improvement.

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