I want a Fallout universe movie franchise and I bet it would make a fortune. Here is what I picture. What do you think?

fallout 8 - I want a Fallout universe movie franchise and I bet it would make a fortune. Here is what I picture. What do you think?

Picture this. First movie starts out pre war following the life of a solider in the army and a power suit soldier at that. He starts out at home before being called to war. We follow his struggles until he is injured and has to go home. That's when the sirens go off. The nukes are coming! They head to the vault just in time and escape the blast. Onto movie 2. Stats off showing our hero from the first movie interacting in the vault with other dwellers including his family. People are scared. It's nearly been a year and the vault is planning to open soon. The mandatory shelter period has ended the first groups start emerging from the vaults including our hero with his family and others from the vault. Some decide to go off on there own (possibly someone who had conflict with hero earlier in movie) and the rest travel together and try to survive. Movie 3. Some time has past and the group has a small settlement going and others have joined them. This starts to attract the attention of a nearby raider group who start sending small raging parties to steal from them and capture some of them and killing some others. Of one of the people captured one of the times is the hero's daughter. He must set out to take out the raider menace and rescue his daughter but when he gets there the leader captures him and kills his daughter in front of him. The leader removes his helmet revealing it was someone who was in the vault with him the guy he had conflict with in movie 2. Others from the settlement come just a little to late to save his daughter but in time to save him. Movie 4. Our hero now is out for revenge on his rival. He finds an old power armor depot and knows what he must do. Here trains the other survivors how to use it and how to use laser rifles and grenades. They are ready. They start the raid to destroy the raiders. The raider leader (our heroes rival) pull out an experimental weapon and kill our hero's best friend with it. They overcome this obstacle and destroy the raiders. They know what they must do now. They must collect all the dangerous technology in the world and protect everyone from it. The Brotherhood of Steel is born. There also could be 2 movies about the pre war possibly too add some more time to maybe develop the friendship with the guy when gets killed in the last movie


Edit. After fact checking the Brotherhood of Steel has already been formed so rather that create they attract the attention of the brotherhood and join up with them.

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