I want to play Fallout 76 with a couple people

fallout 3 - I want to play Fallout 76 with a couple people

Note* I didn't really know where to post this I just figured the main idea is fallout so go to r/fallout but if it should be somewhere else tell me please. Thank you 🙂

I used to play payday 2 religiously with a couple good friends about three years ago. It was great and I enjoyed the memories we had, the jokes and the laughter. Good times.

I don't want to say "I'm the different one" because I'm not at all, I had a falling out with one of my friends (we'll call them A) and I thought to myself "Hey A is cool we're mates." It sucked but it was okay he was a pretty good mate and I knew that we'll beef it out and be mates still. What I didn't know is the others from the group made a groupchat with him and didn't invite me. (A girl that was kind of a drifter within social circles was in it and told me about it)

Cool cool kinda sucks but cool cool. Then I messaged B (we'll call them B) to ask what the heck was going on, he showed me the screenshots and I thought big ooft. Mega ooft. I haven't really spoken to the ones that left school since then, and the ones at school I never engage a conversation with them, nor do they with me. (The ones in school are seniors. As am I but we chose different courses, e.g. A does science classes I do legal studies. So we don't need to talk.) This is just a rant/explanation. I don't have a lot of friends, I don't have any online either and it kind of sucks.

The other day I walked to my shopping complex and after I did some quick shoping for my mum I walked past my second hand electronics store and thought I'd browse and I saw Fallout 76 for ten dollars and thought "cool cool." I bought it and thought about how on reddit a lot of people agree on the quality being "trash" and I thought again about how cool it'll be to talk to people about a game series I enjoy (Like most of us NV is the goat) and I figured to play 76 I surely need a group of friends.


I play on Xbox One and my gamertag is "frank the fetus" if you want to add me make sure you do! I enjoy conversations about literally anything (Anything someone finds interesting I like to try to understand their point of view. Someone's hobbies and interests can help you understand a person and I might even like it too) and I like to talk about fashion, music whether it's old or new I don't mind if it doesn't scream at me for three minutes I'll probably enjoy jt. And I'm really into lore (play witcher 3 is the secret eleventh commandment) also things like modern history and politics, I don't mind if someone doesn't agree with me or vise versa, the best outcome is the two just have a better understanding.

I don't usually turn my xbox during the week as I have heaps of assesments but I go on it on the weekend if I don't go see family (My Abuela died recently and my family of five women (my brother and I are the only males) have decided to meet up occasionally)

*So as a summary *

*Spoke about myself forever so people that think my personality is boring or would have a gripe with me wouldn't add my account (probably a double edged sword tbh) and also so you can understand I'm only occasionally online but for long sitting hours if I am.

*Xbox Gamertag = frank the fetus

Sorry for the massive read but I just wanted to rant a bit and get some people to play 76 on the weekends. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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