I want to tell you why Fo76 is going to be one of my favorite games of all time

fallout 5 - I want to tell you why Fo76 is going to be one of my favorite games of all time

Once I found out that Fo76 was announced. I avoided all trailers, gameplay, reviews, speculations etc. Because all of those things have skewed my interest my interest and developed opinions before I could even play the game.

Let me tell you after I played the beta for 4 hours the other fell in love with what Bethesda is doing.

Yes it is multiplayer big surprise. Get over it. Bethesda did a great job at making sure if you want to play alone other players can't take that from you

  • Anti Greif I died 2 times in the beta and all I lost was my junk. Nothing else. Not a big deal at all

  • Perk cards and system I thought the perk system was fresh. You pick a special point after every level and you can place 1 perk card for ever level you have in that stat. You can combine perk cards to increase power. And you get a perk card pack every few levels

  • The game will be challanging and that will make it fresh There is condition of weapons, need for food and water like survival. Condition of weapons is great because you can't just find your OP legendary and run the whole game with it anymore. You have to adapt and use a variety of weapons.


-Bethesda is smart, give them props Yeah we all want to be playing the beta right now but as I saw in another post, it is a beta test, not early access. They are giving us limited time to play because they want to make this game great. To do that they want to stress test. It is smart to stress test the servers now so we don't have online issues later on. Also these limited servers are just a little tease in my opinion and making me enjoy the game more.

Overall this will be a fun game. The multiplayer will bring in a fun dynamic. My advise is don't reject the idea yet. Give it a legitimate chance and just enjoy fallout.

Also if you aren't getting red dead 2 like me be ready for open servers all the time because everyone will be playing red dead 😀


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