I wanted more Fallout story style podcasts…so I made one!

fallout 76 discussion and inform - I wanted more Fallout story style podcasts...so I made one!

Back in December, I had a drunken evening at Morgantown High School in Fallout 76 with friends. We were recalling people from school and realized we all knew a jock/bully/loser named Chad. From that I started to wonder what would happen it you as a Vault Dweller had your own Chad to deal with…and after Reclamation Day could not get away from that person. So began a series of comedic journal entries I wrote for Facebook groups that people loved…so I decided to turn them into a podcast radio drama. With a lot of work, I present a pilot episode for my first audio drama podcast. I've never done anything like this before…so please show your approval with likes, comments and shares…so far over 4,213 people have listened, liked and shared…which has been amazing. So, I'm going ahead with a full season of stories. My application to submit the feed to iTunes and Stitcher is pending…so it should be easier for people to listen to.

Podcast Episode 1

Synopsis: All things end. After the end of everything, a wounded Vault Dweller leaves behind one last message. In it, he tells us a story of survival, dates gone wrong, cannibalism, friendship and a rivalry. A rivalry that has torn apart the landscape of West Virginia. His name is Simon and he wants to tell you about a dickhead named Chad.

Written and produced by Kenneth Vigue

Listen to the podcast here:



Episode 1 origins: the first journal entry

Appalachia, Day 42:
74F, sunny and clear. After finding toilet paper at the Super Duper Mart, I returned to my camp only to discover a stranger had made himself comfortable at my home. After a moment’s confusion, I realized it was Chad from the Vault. After a brief chin wag recalling "good times" at 76, he asked me for some purified water and dog food. Being neighborly, I happily shared what meager resources I had and he went on his way.

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Appalachia, Day 43:
64F, rainy. Chad returned to camp today, after setting up a tent nearby. I was attempting to build a port-o-potty and kept hitting my thumb with a hammer as he rambled on about molerats. Asked to “borrow” some stimpacks. I told him I only had 3 and gave him 1 (I have 18). He then said he had somewhere to be.

Appalachia, Day 44:
78F, whatever. Woke up to Chad grinding away at my armor station. Helped himself to some of my leftover dog food. Proceeded to get drunk and thought it would be funny to climb on my power armor. I went a short distance away and vented my growing frustration by shooting some trees.

Appalachia, Day 45.
I shot Chad in the face. Great weather today.

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